BRAND NEW 60cm-240cm Basswood Venetian Timber Blind 3 colors 2012-11-14 NewCondition 39.0

BRAND NEW 60cm-240cm Basswood Venetian Timber Blind 3 colors

22 Rowland St, Slacks Creek, QLD
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BRAND NEW 50mm Basswood Venetian Timber Blind ( have 3 colour to choose

White, Walnut, Oak )

**Material: 100% double kilned Basswood

**Cuts down direct heat and easy installation

**Ultimate control of light and privacy

**string to adjust angle of slates

**Come with all the fittings and easy to follow Instruction

Sizes available for sale

60cm X 137cm (drop) $39

60cm X 210cm(drop) $65

90cm X 137cm (drop) $59

90cm X 210cm (drop) $99

105cm X 137cm(drop) $79
120cm X 137cm(drop) $99

120cm X 210cm (drop) $139

150cm X 137cm(drop) $115

150cm X 210cm(drop) $165

165cm X 137cm(drop) $135

180cm X 137cm (drop) $149
180cm X 210cm (drop) $209

210cm X 137cm(drop) $165
210cm X 210cm (drop) $235

225cm X 137cm(drop) $179

240cm X 137cm (drop) $219

240cm X 210cm (drop) $289

please check our ebay store for more variety of window furnishings

Local pick up and inspection are welcome from

Monday-Friday 10-5pm

Free free to give us a call or sms to arrange for inspection or pick up

(just in case we might out for lunch or shopping etc)

Feel free to text or email me during Monday-Friday 9-4pm Thank you!!

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Gummie since 2011
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