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Buying speakers?

  • How Do I Choose a Set of Speakers?

    When it comes to sound systems, function is usually the most significant factor in determining the one you should buy. The sound system you’ll want for watching the latest films in wall-shaking surround sound is different than the sound system you’ll need for listening to your favourite tunes. Remember to choose speaker systems that are designed for the exact need that you have, or speakers that offer a range of functionalities if you need them to be multi-use.

  • What Do You Already Own?

    Another thing to keep in mind is how the speakers will work with the products you already own. If you’re a music-lover, do you own only a vinyl collection, or is all your music played via an MP3 player? If you’re a film-buff needing a new surround sound system, what technology do you use? Different brands of equipment work well with others, while some brands do not work well with other equipment at all.

    Once you’ve carefully evaluated the above factors, you should be able to quickly and easily find an af-fordable set of speakers that will offer you great sound.

  • How Many Pieces?

    Speaker systems can come with anywhere from just two pieces for stereo sound to multiple pieces designed to give you a surround sound experience. It’s important that you do your research to find out what these multiple pieces mean and whether you really need them for your home audio setup. You can overbuy just as easily as you can underestimate what you need in speakers, so keep this in mind.

  • Does Size Matter?

    Size definitely maters. How large or small is the room where you’ll be using your speakers? On a very basic level, you’ll need to be sure that you have room for the speakers you want. The size of the room plays a vital role when you’re talking about sound as its size and shape affect the acoustics. Also take into consideration where you’ll be placing these speakers, as they come in either wall-mounted, book-shelf, or floor-standing options, and that could affect your sound as well.

  • How Much Should I Pay?

    Something else to think of is cost. Speakers come in all shapes and sizes and, of course, prices. That set of high-end, designer speakers you’re looking at might be a bit out of your price range, while that cheap set of speakers may not give you the functionality or sound quality that you need, even if they are affordable.

    Whatever your price range, you’re likely to find something that fits, especially on Gumtree, but do keep in mind that you may need to pay more if you want the best possible sound for your budget.

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