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  • $18.00

    (16 week old)BUY 4 OR MORE AND ONLY PAY $18 EA (single price $19ea) They are wormed & vaccinated against mareks, infectious bronchitis & fowl pox. Pick up is from our farm in Carrum downs. Please bring a box to transport your chooks. 20week old Point of lay $20ea. Buy 4 or more for$19ea Keep up To... show more


    Frankston Area,

    Carrum Downs
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  • $29.99

    Our brand-new, Point-Of-Lay (POL), Hens have arrived and are now starting to lay eggs! Fully vaccinated for all the common poultry diseases, these hens will provide you with up to 350 eggs over the next 60 weeks. They have never been given hormones or antibiotics and have only ever been fed our h... show more


    Greater Dandenong,

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  • $45.00

    TOY BANTAMS We have pleasure in inviting you to come and see the start of this season's range of Toy Girls Mostly around the 12 to 14 week mark with a few around the 5 to 6 month mark. Some of the breeds we have at present consist of pure-breds and crossed breeds to make our unique ra... show more


    Cessnock Area,

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  • $38.00

    RED / BLACK Crosses, that famous old fashioned backyard layer that we all knew and loved years before the Isa Brown turned up in Australia. They are the prettiest of birds, with their black coat, with a touch of red on their breast, and an overall beetle green sheen that shines in the sun Co... show more


    Cessnock Area,

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  • $30.00

    PROFESSIONALLY SEXED & VACCINATED > Mareks & Fowl Pox DON'T BE CONNED INTO BUYING A ROOSTER, THEY'RE CHEAP FOR A REASON! Over 150 hundred GIRLS to choose from Various ages/sizes available from $30.00 Light Sussex Buff Sussex Silver Sussex Light Sussex bantam Coronation Sussex Platin... show more


    Gold Coast West,

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