Twenty two caravan hacks


One of the best ways to explore the Australian countryside is on a road trip in a caravan. Road warriors around the world have discovered some great accessories, tips and hacks to make their time on the road more comfortable. Check out these 22 caravan hacks to make your adventure on-the-road a memorable one for all the right reasons.

1. Travelling herb garden
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herb garden
Take your favourite herbs on the road. Plant them all in a single planter box or put separate little pots into a caddy so they’re easy to move around. Pop them in a sunny spot whenever you stop at a campsite and don’t forget to water them regularly.

2. Caravan annex
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Add an “enclosed porch” to your caravan for some much needed privacy and extra outdoor space at your next camp site.

3. Solar lights
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solar lights 2
Put them in a sunny spot during the day and these solar path lights will light up trip hazards such as steps or tent stakes at night. They make great night lights too!

4. Spices on the go
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Campervans aren’t known for gourmet kitchens, but you can still cook with flavour. Take your spice rack on the road by reusing tic-tac containers, 7-day pill boxes, or plastic tubes from the dollar store.

5. Repel bugs with Sage
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sage bug repellent
Keep the mosquitoes at bay by burning a bit of sage on your camp fire.

6. Dometic air conditioner
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dometic air con
A compact little roof mounted air conditioner like this one can run on a generator and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

7. “Renovate” the floor
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laminate floor
Give your campervan a fresh new look with stick-on laminate or carpet tiles on the floor.

8. Folding camping table and seats
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folding camping table
This genius camping table provides seating for 4 and a solid table so you can eat in comfort. Folds up into one flat carry case that stows away neatly.

9. Storage cubes
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storage boxes
Storage cubes turned on their sides help maximise space while keeping everything in sight. They keep contents from moving and shifting on log drives too.

10. Water lantern
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water jug lamp
This clever lantern – made by wrapping your head light around a plastic jug of water – will give you just the right amount of light to do a bit of reading or writing without draining the battery.

11. Portable solar panels
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solar panel
This portable solar panel kit will give you power on the go; for appliances, lights, and electronic devices.

12. PVC pipe storage
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pipe storage
Use some sturdy bolts to mount to your camper frame and you have this clever idea to add outdoor storage. Store your fishing rods or a roll of outdoor carpet to use under the awning.

13. Portaloo
Image credit: Puget Sound Preppers
Avoid stinky public toilets or digging a hole behind a tree. Make your own portable potty with a bucket, a trash bag, and a pool noodle. Hang a paper roll on the handle and you have a personal toilet with no mess clean up. It’s especially handy when you’re travelling long distance with kids.

14. Satellite dish
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satellite dish2
Get your TV fix even while you’re communing with nature. This portable satellite dish comes with its own stand and accessories and folds up when not in use.

15. Shoe organiser storage
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shoe organiser storage
Add extra storage inside a door or on the back of a seat by hanging a shoe organiser.

16. Outdoor shower
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hula hoop shower
The humble hula hoop, a shower curtain and a water bag are all you need to create this outdoor shower in the woods.

17. Safety rail for essentials
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product rail
Put your day to day items, such as toiletries or cleaning products, behind a safety rail made out of a coat hanger or a towel rod. It’ll keep your essentials handy and prevent them from moving while you’re moving!

18. Create storage around your bed
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Create more storage around your bed by hooking strips of shoe organisers around the frame. Store anything from books, glasses, jewellery, or remotes. The possibilities are endless.

19. Power cord organiser
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power cord organiser
Use hose reels to organise your power cords, ropes, and water hoses.

20. Window insulation
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window insulation
Cut some bubble wrap to size and add a spray of water to help insulate your windows against the cold.

21. Soap “on a rope”
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Soap on a Rope
Next time you’re at a campsite, put a bar of soap inside an old stocking and tie it to an outdoor tap. Your soap will be handy and free of debris any time you need to wash up.

22. Gypsy caravan
Image credit: Gumtree user
gypsy caravan
This is the ultimate caravan hack. Convert your caravan into a granny flat, an office, or a guest room when you’re done exploring the world.

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