Twenty two DIY household workout items

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One thing most Gummies have in common is that they are frugal with their money. And in keeping with this month’s fitness theme, we’d like to share some truly thrifty ways to stay in shape with our top 22 DIY household gym items.

Of course, if these ideas don’t entice you to get fit and toned, then you can always shop on Gumtree for gym equipment that won’t break the bank. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down before and after any exercise, and stay hydrated throughout your training session.

1. Use your own body
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The most cost efficient workout of all. Use your own body to get strong and lean.

2. Bag full of sand
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An empty bag, beach full of sand, and a great view. What more could you want from your gym session?

3. Ropes and hoses
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Grab a thick rope or your garden hose and flick away to build some upper body strength.

4. Towel stretch
4towel stretch
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The humble towel is good for more than just mopping up drops of water. Use it for a good all over stretch.

5. Bed push-ups
5bed pushups hellawella
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Get a quick workout in before you even stray too far from your bed with push-ups that will get your heart pumping.

6. Washing basket squats
6washing basket
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Before you hang up that heavy, wet load of wash, get in some squats to firm up the lower body.

7. Railing ballet
7outdoor stretch
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A railing in your favourite park can make a great barre for a ballet stretch.

8. Climb the wall
8climb the wall fitneass
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Get a great core by “climbing” just about any wall.

9. Tyre yourself out
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Roll, pull, and hammer the biggest tyre you can find for a hard core training session.

10. Lift some rice
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Lift a bag or two of your favourite carb for strong biceps and triceps.

11. Go through hoops
11hula hoop
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Whittle away your waist with this favourite childhood toy.

12. Water weights
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For strong, toned arms, lift your water bottles before you hydrate.

13. Find a buddy
13bondi wall
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A workout buddy can be one of the best and most motivating gym items you could find.

14. Chair dips
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Use a sturdy chair for triceps that will look good with any outfit.

15. Step up
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Use the steps in your home, office, or the park for a powerful workout better than any aerobics class.

16. Play ball
17basketball core
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Who says working out can’t be fun? Hit the courts and have some fun while you torch those calories.

17. Roll the hay
16hay bale
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If you live in the country, roll a hay bale for an all-over burn.

18 Beach ball core
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It may look light and bright, but a beach ball workout can really strengthen your core.

19. Attack the bench
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A park bench is not just for sitting. Step up and kick some assets into gear.

20. Climb to the top
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Find the tallest set of stairs you can find, take a deep breath, and climb to the top for a mental and physical workout.

21. File box rows
21file box deadlift
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Full file boxes make great weights for deadlifts and rows to strengthen your back.

22. Bucket lift
22bucket petranek fitness
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Fill them with sand, water, or rocks and get lifting for a training session you won’t forget.

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