Five jobs with huge growth potential

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As time goes by, the Australian workforce continues to face a period of change. Several factors affect the growth or decline of certain industries – factors such as the ageing baby boomer generation and a decrease in the number of people per household. While some industries will be negatively affected by the change, others will experience significant growth and continue to provide many job opportunities.

1. Healthcare

As Australia grapples with an ageing baby boomer population, the demand for registered nurses, nursing support, aged carers and disabled carers grows. As people grow old, sick and in need of assistance, aged care homes will also experience a boom, creating jobs for nurses and administrative staff at these facilities. Healthcare, hand in hand with health education, will also be necessary to combat the obesity epidemic and other common health issues.

Gumtree has over 2,500+ Healthcare roles currently on offer. With aged care, dental and nursing roles been very popular. 

2. Information technology

According to CompTIA’s IT Industry Outlook (2013), IT industry jobs are predicted to grow by 22 per cent through to 2020. It’s hardly a surprise, considering new technology is developed and refined every single day. Tech skills will be essential across all sectors, and the workforce will need to be able to constantly adapt to change. The education industry will also have to provide the training necessary for the workforce to be proficient with modern technology, particularly for older individuals. Biotechnology will connect with the healthcare industry by helping individuals take health management and monitoring into their own hands.

Gumtree currently has over 900+ IT roles on offer. With IT Project Management, Web Development and Software Engineering roles been very popular.

3. Wealth management

According to a report by major accounting firm Deloitte, the wealth management industry will grow as the world begins to realise Australia’s financial potential. With ‘two trillion dollars, a sophisticated finance sector and Asian growth,’ Australia has a chance to become a global competitor in wealth management. Funds managed in Australia are expected to more than triple in size by 2033.

Gumtree currently has over 125+ wealth management roles on offer. With wealth management, credit assessment and financial planning roles proving to be popular.

4. Construction

A significant rise in the number of people employed in the construction industry is expected over the coming years. Australia is currently in the midst of a housing construction boom that is expected to last up to five years. However, as the size of the average Australian household shrinks, and people seek out smaller residences, apartment buildings and units will rise in prominence. Developers will seize opportunities to build on land that can fit multiple homes, and infrastructure to suit the growing population and changing lifestyle will also need to be constructed.

Gumtree currently has over 9,800 construction roles listed. With tradesmen, engineering and building maintenance been the most popular.

5. Online Retail

Bricks and mortar retail has been experiencing a decline in popularity over recent years, as online stores continue to eat up market share. With success comes hiring, and with larger teams comes opportunities to branch out. Website developers and designers, app developers and marketers will be in high demand as online stores continue to battle it out. Physical stores will have to go to greater lengths to retain customers and increase profit.
The one common thread between each of these industries is the role technology will inevitably continue to play. Each industry sector will be forced to react and evolve as new technology is developed to assist in these areas. The development, testing and distribution of technology all create jobs, as does the process of marketing and training people to use the product. Technology, therefore, is predicted to have an enormous impact on the future of work for all Australians.

Gumtree currently has over 25 Online Retail roles listed. Online Business analyst, CSS Developers and digital marketing roles proving to be popular.

If you are skilled in a different area be sure to use other sources of job roles such as the full list of jobs on Gumtree and services such as Course Finder to find what you’re looking for.

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