Seven ways they scored their dream job

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In a tough jobs market, the only way to succeed is to stand out. People all over the world are trying to land their dream role, but it’s those who do something daring and intelligent who manage to score. Their tactics are usually risky, but with the right attitude and execution, they really can work.

1. Hiring a billboard

There are many stories of unemployed individuals taking out billboards to attract attention. Pasha Stocking of East Hampton reportedly spent $7000 for a spot within close proximity to New York and a high vulnerability to traffic jams.  While people sat frustrated in traffic, they noticed the billboard and went on Pasha’s website – which contained a short biography and her resume. It was a risky move, but desperate times called for desperate measures, and it paid off for Pasha.

2. Facebook advertising

Why hire a billboard when you can pay for space on Facebook? By targeting particular people with ads that link to a website, you’re sure to get some attention. Facebook ads generate site visits for businesses every day, so why not use them to your own advantage.

3. Video resume

Video resumes are slowly gaining popularity, with some employers specifically requesting that applicants submit a recording. Why not take matters into your own hands, and use the trend to your advantage? PR and social media consultant Graeme Anthony developed an interactive YouTube video to attract potential employers. He sent it directly to companies he wanted to work for, before posting it on YouTube and becoming inundated with job offers.

4. Cold call

People are often too scared to confront prospective employers with a cold call, and choose to stick to applying online. However, when it’s done right, cold calling could score you your dream job. Perhaps a position just became available and hasn’t been advertised yet, or you happen to have a nice conversation with the person on the other end of the line, and they’re impressed.  Either way, you’re taking initiative and forming a relationship, rather than just being a name on a page.

5. Be a brand

Having a strong personal brand can demonstrate your ability to develop a company’s brand. Showing that you can present yourself on social media and attract the right kind of attention says a lot about your suitability for the job. Many Instagram users with tens of thousands of followers also begin collaborating with brands, which can lead to job opportunities and financial reward. Maintaining a personal brand also means dressing and acting the way you want to be perceived – for example, hardworking, creative, smart, friendly.

6. Sing a song

It may sound a little crazy, but people have actually been hired after turning their resume into a song. Of course, this route isn’t for everyone. If you are musically inclined and are applying for a creative job – perhaps in the music or advertising industries – consider it. Singing a song will show you are confident, creative and very interested in the position.

7. Starting a business

What if your dream job isn’t within reach, or doesn’t even exist? Create it for yourself. One of the boldest moves a person can make is starting their own business. If you fantasise about being a fashion designer, why not start your own line and open an online store? If you have plenty of experience in accounting but haven’t found the perfect job yet, open your own firm!

Being bold when applying for a job will help you stand out from the other candidates, which is essential if you want to succeed in any industry. Employers will respect your confidence, innovation and creativity, so if you can find an interesting and unusual way to grab their attention – go for it!

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