Bathroom Plants and Plant Alternatives for Your Own Day Spa at Home

Bathroom Plants And Plant Alternatives For Your Own Day Spa At Home

Your bathroom is a great place for plants that like moisture and humidity, so long as there is enough sunlight. If not, artificial plants can be realistic looking, low maintenance and hardy in most environments. Read on to discover easy bathroom plant and accessory style ideas for an opulent day spa feel.


Real plants—shade and humidity tolerance rates highly

Not all plants will thrive in your bathroom environment. Succulents from the desert, for instance, might find it too humid unless they get lots of sun, perhaps on a windowsill. Tropical succulents like Zygocactus (e.g. Christmas cactus), aloe vera and lucky jade are all very suitable bathroom plants.

Other plants that can thrive in the special conditions found in bathrooms include:

  • Air plants—In a humid bathroom, they might not need to be watered very often at all.
  • Peace lily—A very hardy flowering plant with prolific white flowers. Known to improve air quality.
  • Ferns—Shade tolerant, hardy fern varieties include maidenhair, Boston, fish-bone and birds’ nest ferns.
  • Orchids—Not as tricky to keep as some might think, needing just a small amount of watering once per week or less in winter.
  • ZZ or Zanzibar plant—Almost impossible to kill. If they die back because they dry out, just add water and they will revive.

Artificial flowers and foliage—low maintenance and surprisingly realistic

  • Fake flower arrangements can be convincingly life-like. Keep artificial plants looking real by rinsing off any dust occasionally.
  • Silk flower arrangements look particularly great in vases—and if you really want to trick your senses, try using perfume to emulate the flowers’ scent. If you are looking for something quick and easy, browse for artificial flower arrangements in vases.
  • Tropical plants and lots of greenery can bring a luscious look and feel to your bathroom decor.
  • Artificial foliage can be very realistic. Living walls of greenery and flowers are trending and artificial ones are a low-maintenance option.

Plant pots, candles and dried arrangements—day spa style ideas

  • Choose a theme: a consistent colour or shape theme for your pots and vases, such as white plant pots in either a chunky or delicate style, could give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere.
  • Gather lots of small potted plants or make a statement with a few large ones.
  • Candles are an inexpensive way to add atmosphere to your bathroom—there’s no such thing as too many! Just remember not to leave them unattended.
  • Essential oil burners can be a relaxing addition.
  • Real dried flowers might not be the best option for a bathroom as they can deteriorate with humidity and sunlight. However, some dried flower arrangements can be suitable, for instance, sturdy lotus pods or Australian native-themed eucalypt and banksia leaves and seeds.

Remember that some house plants can be poisonous to children and pets, so you may want to keep them in hanging baskets or elsewhere out of reach. Before buying or selling any plant on Gumtree, remember to check with your local council that they are not declared weeds, for example, water hyacinth. Check out Gumtree for lots of good value home decor plants, pots and vases to bring that day spa vibe home.

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