BBQ area designs for any outdoor space

BBQ Area Designs For Any Outdoor Space

The BBQ is an Aussie icon, so why not make the most of your BBQ area with a great design? We have plenty of BBQ area ideas to style up your outdoor area—read on for inspiration.

Indoor/outdoor living

If you have an outdoor extension to your home with a covered roof, you’ll find you have a cosy and comfortable space for your BBQ area. Thanks to overhead coverage, you can add the comforts you’d usually find indoors, like a lounge, coffee table and even a big-screen television. These areas will be where you enjoy a lot of R&R time, so it’s important to put effort into creating a great space!

Make sure your BBQ sits inside your roofed area—this will keep it away from the elements. You can also store all your BBQ kitchen accessories in stylish cabinets—creating the perfect aesthetic balance between an indoor and outdoor space.

Outdoor BBQ kitchens

Outdoor kitchens complete with BBQs make outdoor cooking and dining an absolute pleasure. Outdoor kitchens set up poolside with a covered roof and dining setting transform your night of entertaining into a stunning oasis. An outdoor BBQ kitchen is more than just the barbie, so don’t be afraid to deck out the space with a pizza oven and bar fridge—your guests will thank you.

There’s a common misconception that it’s unnecessary to cover BBQs because they’re meant to be outside. While your BBQ may be high quality and built to withstand the elements, if you use a BBQ cover you’ll protect it from corrosion and extend the life of your investment.

Balcony barbies

While your apartment complex may have shared BBQ facilities, nothing is quite the same as having a barbie that you can have to yourself whenever you want! If you’re up high, you might even benefit from a lovely view.

Whatever size balcony you have, your own BBQ area is possible:

  • Small balconies—Make the most of your space with a slimline cabinet, so all of your BBQ tools can be stored away neatly.
  • Medium to large balconies—You’ve got the space, so use it! Add lounge chairs and a foldable coffee table, perfect for entertaining or having a break between tossing snags on the barbie.

Backyard BBQ areas

A backyard barbie is the ultimate Aussie experience. If your yard is large enough, you can create an area away from your house exclusively for BBQing—but there are a few things to take into consideration.

Make sure that any paving or flooring is slip-resistant to avoid nasty accidents. Consider the weather when designing your ideal outdoor barbecue area—a little planning will ensure that you can enjoy your backyard BBQ area as much as possible, all year round.

Is your backyard small? You can design your backyard BBQ area to be flush against the back of the house to make the most of your space. No matter what style of home you have, ensure that your BBQ area is protected from the weather. A barbecue cover will guard your BBQ all year round.

Browse Gumtree Australia for lots of BBQ sale items, both new and pre-loved. When you’re done with the essentials, find some outdoor lighting to make your space truly magical.

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