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Every once in a while, we run across Gummies who truly inspire us with their community spirit and desire to make the world better for future generations. Helen Edwards is one such person. An avid walker, writer, as well as doting mum and wife, Helen encourages others to “consider a sustainable life” and believes in “a happy healthy life that cares for you, your family and the planet”.

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In keeping with her sustainable beliefs, Helen buys, sells and even advertises her decorating services on Gumtree. In fact, Helen estimates that over the years she has saved over $6,000 by buying from Gumtree. One of the things Helen loves most is up-cycling her finds to create beautiful, practical items for her home. In her blog, she advises people to focus on areas that are used often, such as the bathroom, which is “one of the most used and most costly rooms to renovate”.

Bathroom renovations can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but you can do a budget DIY bathroom renovation with Gumtree for around $3,000. Whether you need to replace your bath, vanity, or tiles, Gumtree has elegant, modern fixtures at great prices. The finished look will make you think you spent so much more! See this list of bathroom renovation items on Gumtree:

Item Gumtree Price
Double vanity $     150
Bath tub $  1,299
Fowler toilet $     650
Frameless shower screen $     380
Tapware $     125
Rain shower head $       45
Multi-towel rail with shelf $       90
Large mirror $       40
Wall and floor tiles (10 square metres) $     250
TOTAL COST $ 3,029


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Once you’ve finished the practical improvements to your bathroom, try some of Helen’s other suggestions to add creativity without breaking the bank.

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Helen’s tips:

  • Salvage old items and give them new life like this toolbox that Helen turned into a bathroom cabinet.
  • Add a touch of art. Some pre-loved prints behind a glass frame will stay safe from bathroom moisture.
  • An indoor plant such as an orchid or a fern can add a tropical touch.
  • A scented candle or a bunch of flowers will add a fresh scent and a touch of colour.

If you like Op Shops, pottering in the garden, or a good cup of tea, then check out Helen’s blog. And if you’re considering a renovation, then head to Gumtree for all the essentials for a budget bathroom renovation, kitchen upgrade, or lounge room at a price that suits you.

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  1. Thank you Gumtree, the suggestions are inspiring and encourage me to renovate our bathrooms. Hiring professional companies would mean such an expensive cost that I cannot afford right now. Doing the renovation myself is a great idea since I can upcycle a lot of old stuff I have in the shed. I am worried about the tiles though. Most tiles I see being sold at a bargain price are of specific sizes and shapes, making it troublesome to fit them in the bathrooms. I am also worried that tiles usually fall off after a few years, or months even. Any suggestions how I can do the job without having to spend so much yet of passable quality?

  2. Very good tips for renovating the bathroom in 3000$. Also thanks Helen for giving creativity tips with old items for renovation. It will sure help people to make their bathroom look nicer without spending much money.

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