Connecting Communities – Gumtree Bushfire Relief Badge

Connecting communities in support of the national bushfire disaster

In this time of crisis, it’s important for everyone to show their community spirit, dig deep and help those in need however they can.

Gumtree is a national community where locals connect, so we’ve added a special Bushfire Relief badge to help connect bushfire-affected communities with generous supporters donating items and services for free.

This allows people to:

  • Request specific items or services needed, as someone affected by the bushfires
  • Search for items and services, then filter within Bushfire Relief for free items available
  • List or buy where proceeds will be donated to a bushfire relief charity of choice, as organised between users

We hope this new feature helps bushfire-affected communities get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

How it works

For those needing support, search for the item or service you’re after and filter by selecting the bushfire relief badge.

Users can include options like ‘Free Items’, ‘Funds to Charity’ or ‘Seeking Help’ to customise their ad and share how they are supporting those in need.

Reporting suspicious listings or offers

At Gumtree, we always work to create a trusted and safe transaction environment for buyers and sellers. However, even in this time of crisis, scammers are out in force. It’s extremely disappointing and we all need to be vigilant to help prevent this activity and ensure funds and items go to those in need.

We have a strict report and removal policy, and encourage our users to help us by reporting any suspicious listings or other activity. We also continue to work closely with the Australian Police and Crime Stoppers to investigate any fraudulent activity.

If you suspect a listing is a scam, please check the Safety or Types of Scams on Gumtree sections on Gumtree Support, or click the ‘Report Ad’ link on the listing itself.

If you receive an email or SMS that feels like a scam, please forward it to for review. Scammers are known to use trusted brand names like Gumtree, eBay, Western Union and similar in email and SMS scams.

If you’re unsure about sending money, Gumtree includes PayPal integration for secure transactions. You don’t need to share your PayPal details with the other party to do this.

Together, we can support bushfire-affected communities to recover and rebuild as quickly as possible.

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