How Luke saved over $2,000, buying a jeep on Gumtree

Jeep Case Study

When Luke Burnham set out to buy a car, the first place he headed was Gumtree. He had his eye on a “really cool looking Jeep with good kms and a super price”, and he researched the car he was buying. Luke even organised for his mechanic to come along and give the car a once over. In the end, this savvy family man bought his Jeep on Gumtree and saved $2,250 on its market value.

It only took Luke two weeks to find and buy his Jeep and like him, you too can get a great deal on a car on Gumtree. Whether you’re looking for a second car, upgrading to a luxury vehicle, or just starting out with your first car, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. However it’s important not to rush into a purchase this big without doing your homework. Here are some tips on how to successfully buy a used car on Gumtree.

  1. Do your research – analyse the features and the going market value of the car you want
  2. Use Gumtree’s car finder tool to locate the exact car you need in your area
  3. Inspect the car inside and out during daylight hours so you can see wear and tear, dents, or other flaws
  4. Take a mechanic or a car savvy friend to ensure everything is in working order
  5. Check the title, VIN, and plates to make sure they match the seller’s details and there are no outstanding ownership issues
  6. Test drive the car and listen to the engine, test the brakes, look for any smoke and any unusual smells
  7. Ask questions about the car’s history and make sure you get the maintenance record
  8. Negotiate the best price based on your research and your inspection
  9. Once the deal is final, make sure the registration is signed over to you before you drive away

This isn’t the first time Luke has used Gumtree to save money. He reckons that over the years he has probably saved over $5,000 buying household goods on Gumtree, and 75% of the time he has been able to negotiate a price he was happy with. In addition, he says he’s had the opportunity to meet some great people along the way. Test drive Gumtree for quality prices on cars, as well as clothing, electronics, collectables, and more. Here’s a quick peek at some of the other cars you’ll find on Gumtree.

2014 Jeep Compass Wagon $22,400
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
Like Luke, if you want to buy a Jeep, then this beauty has some luxury details that you’ll appreciate.

2011 Jeep Wrangler $23,990
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
2011 jeep wrangler
Who could resist this classic Jeep model?

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee $29,950
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
jeep grand cherokee
This top of the range Jeep with has loads of style and some great inclusions.


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  1. Also check for any outstanding debt and make sure it is paid off in full before taking delivery of the car.

  2. Good advice but remember to make the product decision before talking money so you don’t end up buying the great price and forgetting about inspecting the car because it might end up being a Lemon. To help you grab this Free Street Smart Tool Kit – used car buying tools by qualified motor mechanic Craig Jones that steer you to the best used car by showing you how to do the necessary checks.

  3. Does anyone know a gud affordable car mechanic in the Loganlea area near Haig Road please thinking of buying used car here

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