Calling all thrifty bargain hunters and savvy side-hustlers!

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Are you a true believer in creating your own financial freedom?

Are you someone who:

  • Is savvy with everyday personal finances?
  • Looked to find new ways to free up cash during hard times, such as COVID?
  • Hunts around for a great deal before settling on a price?
  • Sells their unwanted items to make some quick cash or to fund a bigger life expense (e.g. a holiday, renovation)?
  • Makes mindful purchases and taps into the circular economy to reduce consumption?

We’re looking for Gummies to share their stories of trading together on Gumtree and how it helped them save. Help us inspire other Aussies to unlock their financial freedom through the power of the circular economy! Simply fill out your details HERE for your chance to be featured as one of Gumtree’s savvy side-hustlers.

Over 7 million like-minded entrepreneurial Gummies buy and sell on our site each month, so join us as we trade together and save together!

The best stories will get the chance to be featured in the media. Gumtree may reward you with a debit voucher in exchange for your time, however the decision to give a reward and the amount are at Gumtree’s sole discretion and will be confirmed in advance of any engagements.

If you’re interested in sharing your story, please enter your details HERE.

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