Choosing the best home security camera system

Choosing The Best Home Security Camera System

Imagine if you could have a security squad on standby at your place 24/7? Thanks to the latest tech, a home security camera system can keep a lookout, helping protect you, your family and your property around the clock. There’s a range of options available, from single security cameras that you can strategically position to capture footage in a particular location (like at the front or back door), to a complete security kit that integrates two or more cameras to protect your home. Let’s explore some of the best home security camera systems on the market.

Swann Communications Wire-Free 1080p Security System

Swann is a leading brand in home security solutions that are DIY-friendly for you to set up. They offer a huge selection of security cameras, including this top-pick, Wi-Fi compatible system. Available in two, three or four camera packs, they offer full HD visibility, day or night. The cameras are tough, like a security team should be, designed to endure all seasons and recharge using a USB cable. This security system isn’t just extra eyes, either—it’s equipped for heat, motion and person sensing, plus two-direction audio to greet guests or alert you to a sneaky presence.

Arlo Pro 3 2K Wire-Free Security Camera System

The Arlo Pro 3 is available as a double, triple or quad camera system. This is a popular all-rounder that boasts a long list of appealing features. Position the wire-free cameras to film in stunning 2K HDR video, so that you can tune into your surroundings in crisp detail. The Arlo Pro 3 has a speaker, microphone and siren all built-in. It also has the smart compatibility side of things covered, connecting to the latest helpful devices including Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Uniden Guardian App Cam Solo+

Another strong contender on the home security system scene, the Uniden Guardian security camera system comes in a double, triple or quad pack. The App Cam Solo+ is the second release in its cable-free home security range, featuring go-to functionalities like full HD 1080p and thermo-sensing. Adding to the USB charging option for the rechargeable wi-fi cameras, it also offers a solar panel as an optional security camera accessory (sold separately) for uninterrupted power.

Anker Eufycam Wire-Free Full-HD Security 4-Camera Set

The Anker Eufycam is a user-friendly home security system that has consistently attracted strong ratings from customers. Some of its top features include a claimed 365-day battery life for year-long disruption-free footage, and facial recognition. There’s also a local storage unit that comes in the box, keeping your footage stored free and securely at home and not in the cloud where it could be vulnerable.

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