Christmas is coming early to Gumtree!

12 Days


Over 12 days leading up to Christmas, Gumtree are giving away a gift each day. Any time between 12pm-8pm AEDT, the gift listing will become active anywhere in Australia. Be the first to find it hidden on Gumtree, respond via the Message button and it’s yours!


  1. Search
  2. Find the daily gift listing e.g a car
  3. Contact seller via the Message button with the word Giftmas
  4. The first valid response received wins the daily gift!



Missed out on the daily gift? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able enter the second chance draw to win a Harley Davidson motorcycle! The lucky winner will be drawn 13/12/16.

Anyone that contacts the seller via the Message button on a daily gift listing will be automatically entered.

*Open to AU res. 18+. Giftmas promotion ends: 8pm AEDT on 12/12/16. Limit 1 entry per person per day. Max 1 daily prize per person (excluding SA). Click here for full Terms & Conditions.



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  1. Dear Gumtree,

    I really enjoyed your ‘Giftmas’ giveaway this year. I have indulged many hours in hitting that refresh button over…and over…and over.. for what seemed like an eternity.

    Although, we all know, it was only 12 days, it certainly has taken its toll. My eyes are now square, unfocused and leaky whilst my refresh finger is tired, bruised and swollen. I thought I almost had it with the sweet ladies bag. Although not really my style, perhaps the wife could make use of it. If she hadn’t left me. “Are you still staring at that screen? You will not win give up! Have you not washed yet? Where’s the kids?” I vaguely recall a voice droning before a slam of the door.

    I tried hard with all of the days but that magic orange and gold picture just kept appearing on my screen a minute too late, forever just out of my grasp.

    By day 11 I was weak, hungry, tired and soul felt brittle and the left clicker on my mouse showing signs of fatigue also.

    The lady I once shared my life with held an intervention that night.
    Many hours we would spend laughing and rejoicing, frolicking amongst all the deals and goodies we acquired from the precious Gumtree. But know she had turned. Gumtree, the one thing that made life worthwhile, when the chips where down, Gumtree had a chip pan to bring them right back up, when life was a dogs dinner, Gumtree had ‘Oliver’ the German Sheppard, if life gave us lemons we bought a juicer from Gumtree to make lemonade. You where the apple to my eye, you where my butter for my bread, the Kookaburra to my old Gumtree.

    I only got involved because I was looking for a car. I have bought two from Gumtree in the same amount of years. Firstly it was a station wagon. Good ol’ Betty Blue, the 95 Toyota Camry. She was a thirsty girl but boy could she go, sort of. Unfortunalty she had to be retired when we needed a 4×4. We sold her cheap, basically the price of getting our next car road-ready. Plus the mechanics daughter needed a cheap runaround so we provided. Our next car was Navara Ute, from a farm in Toowoomba, 97 this one so still and old girl but she was wise. She had no issues on K’gari, she loved it in fact, could eat up those tracks no problem, any day! I think the problem came when we had to tear her away from her new spiritual home, our work on the island was done we had to go. We wanted to show her Tasmania, another Island so we thought she would be happy. Oh no, unfortunately when we hit Newcastle she passed.A little prematutre for christmas, three warning lights appear on the dash. A lovely local mechanic, an alternator, whole new brakes, $2k and a week later we are on the road….for about 250km. This, Gumtree, is when our motor completely pooped its pants. luckily we had been off the highway all of 15 seconds so our positioning was not completely life threatening but still called for a tow before a mechanic would look at it. My wife was still with me at this time, oh boy was she having kittens. Couple of hours and about $900 the ute was on the back of a truck and we are on route to Newcastle. All the while trying to figure out what our next step would be.

    A few weeks later with some pity taken from our lovely local mechanic the trouble-shooting comes up bad! Very Bad! Our beloved car is truly dead.

    I cried this night.

    The thing is me and my wife are pretty tough going, we normally try not to let things get us down…Gumtree you helped with this…remember the frolicking and the lemonade. This one knocked us, its OK we found work and had a roof over our heads so we could feed ourselves and our new Kittens and the laptop stayed dry, from rain, during my marathon.

    My parents are flying all the way from the UK this Christmas, 19 days from now in fact. We have not seen them for over two years now since coming to Australia. (Yippee!) They are flying into Brisbane and out of Cairns. (I think they actually want to melt themselves), but all the same a road trip was in order. (AH!) Makes it very difficult on foot with the heat and the luggage and the time available. Also we have all our belongings here in Newcastle. to take back north! (Oh dear). I wasnt worried though, then i was! I was confident Gumtree would provide, I began to search, with all our car-drama of recent times, the budget is small. $3k maximum, that is including any budget for rego and/or mechanic fixes needed (tyres etc) but i was confident, for a while. The worry of buying a lemon, mucking up my family christams holiday, and not having time to make lemonade was too much. Two hairs fell out and the rest turned grey.

    This is when I spotted your ‘Giftmas’ giveaway. Oh how excited i was, the joy, the little bit of wee. Each day trying my luck knowing all i really want is that car, all i really NEED is that car. I didn’t mind that each day i missed out, a PS4, a TV, my wife, my life, because I knew id get that car, it would make it all better, all the money we lost, the troubles we have had, the hair we lost, Gumtree would fix it, surely!

    I took the day off work, I set myself up with snacks and drinks, massaged my clicker finger and positioned myself close too the toilet (I wont tell you I was sat on the toilet). The intervention group banging on my door and kittens rolling around my toes I sat and started hitting that button….refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh. I would have four windows open generally, one searching for the prize itself, one on the freebies section, and another in what ever category think it may be in, the last window is private. From 12pm I sat there. It really did feel an eternity, refresh, refresh, when there was a rush of new adverts every so often, my heart would flutter, refresh, refresh, flutter refresh. someone placed an ad of a blue car in an orange background, flutter, flutter major excitement, refresh, refresh, refresh. It wasn’t till the evening it appeared. It was the correct car, it was the correct orange and gold, it was the actual bloody thing!!! FLUTTER, FLUTTER, click, gone…….my heart sank, my brittle soul fractured and a kitten missed the litter tray. I was in a whirl wind of emotion trapped in a box of kitten stink, dispair and regret. Gumtree let me down. I was quick, perhaps my connection was not, I was devoted, perhaps it was a fix, I never gave up, perhaps I should of. I lost everything. Just then a Kookaburra started laughing in the ol’ Gumtree outside…I cried.

    Thanks for letting me get that of my chest. I really did enjoy your competition this year. If by chance you have another car sitting there, my I have it! It doesn’t even need to be a good one, just one that will get us to Cairns and back to Brisbane again. My family would appreciate it, and i would love you forever Gumtree. Help me laugh right back at that kookaburra, prove that my ol’ Gumtree is better than his!

    Cheers and thanks for your time,

    A Broken Man
    Matthew Dutton

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