Designer looks for less with Dr Anita Vandyke

Dr Anita Posing For The Camera

Designer looks don’t have to cost us the earth (literally and metaphorically). We recently caught up with Dr Anita Vandyke, rocket scientist, medical doctor and best selling author of A Zero Waste Life, to find out her top tips on how to get a designer look without breaking the bank. 

Dr Anita is passionate about zero waste living and regularly shares her top tips on how to live more sustainability on her socials via @rocket_science. She’s now shared some exciting tips & tricks with us and gave us a sneak peek of the items she’s currently searching for on Gumtree.

We hope these tips inspire Gummies to find pre-loved designer items that will have a positive impact on your wallet and the planet.

Anita’s wish list with her most searched for items on Gumtree

These items are currently on my Gumtree wish list to get a designer look:

  1. Freshwater pearl necklace: to add some glam onto any outfit I want a long strand of freshwater pearls. This will be a classic piece that will dress up any outfit.
  2. Black leather sandals: perfect Summer addition to make an outfit look chic and stylish. It’s also a very practical shoe for a busy and active mum.
  3. Black quilted handbag: the ultimate Chanel inspired piece. I am looking for a black quilted handbag which will be a staple for any working mum. It needs to be roomy enough to hold all the essentials and sturdy enough to take me from work to a date night with my husband.


Dr Anita posing in an outfit from Gumtree


Check out Anita’s tips on how to get a designer look for less

  1. Get inspired – The best way to start is to find your favourite designer and emulate their looks with pre-loved finds from Gumtree. Pull together a Pinterest or mood board of your favourite outfits to get an idea of the looks you’re going for. Then, you can start shopping with a creative vision in mind. 
  2. Choose quality materials – Choosing high-quality materials such as wool, silk and leather allow you to achieve a designer look without the designer prices. These quality materials will also stand the test of time and make an outfit look more expensive than it actually is. Shopping pre-loved also allows you to buy quality materials for chain store prices. 
  3. Keep it neutral – Choosing neutrals also helps elevate a look. Neutral colours allow versatility so that you can mix and match different outfit combinations. By keeping your palette neutral you can elevate the outfit with tonal looks to suit each season, such as browns for autumn and whites for summer.
  4. Accessorise – The right necklaces, belts and brooches will make the look more luxe in an instant. Add on gold jewellery for a Chanel inspired look, or a large belt for Balmain vibes or a beautiful flower brooch to emulate Dior. There are so many easy ways to replicate a designer look, simply by adding an accessory. Silk scarves are also a great versatile piece that can make a plain black t-shirt much more stylish!


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