Dining Room Suites for Every Kind of Decor

Dining Room Suites For Every Kind Of Decor

Do you want a large dining room suite for your new home, or are you looking to upgrade your dining table to make better use of a small space? No matter how eccentric, modern or vintage your dining room style is, there are options to complement and enhance your home decor.

Traditional dining room suites

Traditional dining furniture includes a variety of timbers to suit your home, as well as matching sets that may even include sideboards and display cabinets for a complete look. Leather dining room chairs, for instance, can be classic or ornate and are often integrated with wooden dining sets with lacquered timber to complement the leather look.

Modern dining room suites

The modernist style of furniture is typified by sleek lines and ergonomic comfort. Materials for modern style dining furniture could be glass-topped, for instance, with chunky brushed chrome legs. Black dining room chairs are practical and can bring a modern feel to any table. Mid-century modern pieces were the height of fashion during the 1950s and ’60s and are once again decor favourites.

Industrial dining room suites

A functional dining room set for an industrial look could be made from salvaged marine timbers or repurposed bulk wire cores. Think chunky, rough timbers with quirky repurposed metal or up-cycled steampunk remnants. Alternatively, a tall table with stools can give a welcoming tavern or bar vibe that’s great for entertaining.

Shabby chic dining room suites

Shabby chic styling values the patina of aged items and furniture refurbishments, often on eclectic statement pieces. A shabby chic dining table could be any solid pre-loved table covered with a fringed cloth and surrounded by assorted, eclectic bentwood chairs of varying bright colours.

Cottage dining room suites

Cottage style aims to be cosy and inviting, using comfortable chairs, soft colours and floral or gingham-checked features. Dining tables to suit this style could be round and cosy in pastel or cream. Light, acrylic chairs are a good value option that can be mixed and matched with a variety of cottage-style tables. You can pair your suite with a padded conversation chair in a stand-out colour to make the space pop—this could make for a great upholstering project.

Beachy dining room suites

The seaside or Hamptons vibe aims for casual opulence, as though you’re on holidays at home. Pair white laminates and white- or cream-washed timbers with blues, greens and aquamarines. Dining room chairs could be bentwood-inspired or rattan sets to match the table.


The global style pays homage to other cultures, whether that’s strictly one country or region or an eclectic mix of sources. Japanese styled dining rooms, for instance, use tatami mats with cushions. Japanese furniture is usually lacquered and often black or deep red. An Italian theme might include ornate cushioned white dining room chairs paired with a round or oval dining table.

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