Where to find a real Christmas tree at a good price?

Christmas Tree

In the lead up to Christmas, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh pine in your home,

It’s that time of the year to find your freshly cut Christmas tree. Get together with your loved ones to put up and decorate the tree with lights/tinsel/ornaments.

If you’re on the hunt for a tree this year, check out Gumtree for freshly cut Christmas trees across Australia. Or check out your local Scouts as they sell Christmas trees across the country and the money goes to a great cause.

Find a Christmas tree on Gumtree for a good price that will look good in the family room! Here are a few that will get you into the Christmas spirit:

Freshly cut Christmas trees 6ft tall – $110

 Image credit: Gumtree User


Christmas Trees freshly cut from the farm – From $40

 Image credit: Gumtree User


Plantation grown Christmas Trees – From $75

 Image credit: Gumtree User


A real Christmas tree for the family! –

 Image credit: Gumtree User


Real Christmas tree 6ft tall – $65

 Image credit: Gumtree User


After the tree’s up and the decorating is done – it’s time to fill up the empty space under the tree with presents for the family!

If you need some inspiration for this year’s presents, here’s a list of the top 10 most wanted gifts – based on the Gumtree Commissioned Smart Santa Survey:

  1. Jewellery– 1.3 million people want
  2. Clothing– 1.3 million people want
  3. Ipad/tablet– 900,000 people want
  4. Smart phone/iphone– 895,000 people want
  5. Home accessories– 782,000 people want
  6. Computer/laptop– 765,000 people want
  7. Sporting equipment– 630,000 people want
  8. Headphone/speakers– 603,000 people want
  9. BBQ– 582,000 people want
  10. Camera– 564,000 people want


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