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With a wide array of furry, feathered and scaly companions on offer, Gumtree Marketplace makes finding the perfect pet simpler and easier than ever. As a leading online classifieds platform, we put you in touch with thousands of local listings from reputable private sellers, bringing you closer to finding the pet you’ve been looking for. From narrowing down your search to understanding the important considerations of pet ownership, here we set you up for success as you embark on your pet-buying journey.

The Benefits of Using Gumtree Marketplace 

Why Choose Gumtree for Your Pet Search?

  • Extensive Range: Gumtree boasts an extensive array of pet listings, from dogs and cats to birds, reptiles, and exotic creatures. Our diverse selection ensures you have the best chance of finding the perfect pet that matches your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Convenience at your fingertips: Browse through numerous options without leaving the comfort of your home.
  • Local listings: Gumtree connects you with trusted private owners and registered breeders who are local to you, so you can find your perfect pet close to home. 
  • Pet adoption: Gumtree also features listings from local shelters and rescue organisations, giving you the option to adopt a pet in need of a loving home. 
  • Search filters: Our comprehensive search filters allow you to refine your search to specify precisely what you’re looking for in your ideal pet, streamlining and simplifying the entire process. 

Tips for Finding Your Ideal Pet on Gumtree

Starting Your Pet Search

With our user-friendly interface and extensive listings, Gumtree offers a seamless and exciting way to start your pet search journey. 

  • Your ideal pet: Before starting your pet search, make sure you’ve given some thought to what sort of pet and what breed would be suitable for you and your lifestyle. Think about how much space you have in your home and backyard, the needs of your existing pets, and the level of activity you can offer your new pet.
  • Find your category: Use your preferred device, be it computer, tablet or smartphone. Navigate to the “Pets” category to begin the search for your new pet. Here, you’ll find a wide range of listings featuring various types of pets.
  • Tailor the search results: Use the search filters to tailor your search to your preferences. You can filter by pet type, breed, location, age, and more. This helps you narrow down your options and find pets that match your criteria.
  • Time to browse: Start exploring the listings that catch your eye. Each listing provides essential information about the pet, such as breed, age, health status, and any special qualities. Take your time to read through the details and look at the provided photos.
  • Get in touch: If you come across a listing that interests you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the seller. You can send messages to sellers directly through the platform. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about the pet’s personality, behaviour, health history, and any other relevant details.
  • Meet and greet: Consider arranging a meeting with the pet and the seller. Meeting the pet in person gives you a chance to interact, assess their temperament, and see if there’s a genuine connection. It’s also an opportunity to evaluate whether the pet’s energy level and personality align with your lifestyle.

Understanding Different Pet Categories


This category includes listings for different breeds of dogs, ranging from small to large, as well as puppies to senior dogs. 

To find the right breed of dog for you, it’s important to know about any breed-specific needs of the particular breed you’re looking at. Some dog breeds have higher energy needs, some require regular professional grooming, while others are more prone to experiencing certain health issues. 

Explore adoption listings on Gumtree as well. Many dogs in need of loving homes can be found through rescue organisations and local shelters. Adopting a dog not only gives them a second chance but also brings satisfaction to you as a responsible and altruistic pet owner.


On Gumtree, you’ll find a variety of cat listings featuring cats of different breeds and types, including domestic cats and even exotic breeds. 

When it comes to buying or adopting a cat, make sure you take into consideration their age, temperament, and history. Listings should include specific information about the cat such as if they’re used to kids or other pets. This can help you decide if they would be a good fit as your new pet. 

If possible, schedule a time to meet with the cat and their owner or breeder, and spend time understanding the personality of the furry feline to see if you’re compatible. 

Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Reptiles & Amphibians

Bird at home

For those on the lookout for a smaller little friend, there are many listings to suit. Animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and reptiles can all be found on Gumtree, looking for their forever home. 

They may be small, but these pets are still a big responsibility to take on. Make sure you’re educated in the care necessary to ensure your new pet can live a healthy life, including an appropriate enclosure, diet and other accessories. As with any pets under your care, ensure you know where to find specific veterinary care for your little pet if necessary. 

Other Animals on Gumtree

Gumtree’s diverse community caters to hobbyists seeking distinctive pets like horses, axolotls, rats, mice and much more. Research the specific needs of these unique pets and engage with sellers who provide thorough information about their care and requirements. 

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of a less common pet or seeking a truly extraordinary addition to your family, Gumtree offers a portal into a world of captivating and unconventional companions. 

Important Considerations Before Finalising Your Choice 

Ensuring a Good Fit for Your Home and Lifestyle

dog and cat walking in the house

Gumtree encourages responsible pet ownership by encouraging sellers to provide detailed listings that include information about the pet’s breed, energy levels, specific needs and any training they might have received. 

  • Consider the family: Make sure you contemplate the needs of your human family members, taking into consideration any allergies or preferences. The other pets in the house should also be considered, as your future pet needs to be able to live harmoniously with the existing pets in the family. 
  • Consider your lifestyle: Many pets have specific energy requirements and may need regular exercise, or may benefit from someone being home with them more often than not.
  • Ask questions: It’s important to communicate with the seller or breeder and ask questions, request additional information, and arrange visits to see the pet in person if possible. Meeting the pet before making a decision allows you to assess their behaviour, temperament, and compatibility with your family and lifestyle.

Financial and Time Commitments

Welcoming a furry friend into your home can be incredibly rewarding, but it’s worth noting that pet ownership is more than just cuddles and playtime (although they’re certainly highlights). Beyond the initial expenses, there are potential unexpected costs and a significant time commitment involved in providing proper care for your pet.

Pet owners should be prepared for the ongoing costs of responsible pet ownership. These can include: 

  • Providing quality pet food
  • Professional training
  • Enclosures, habitats, housing and/or bedding
  • Medications such as flea treatment
  • Regular veterinary care including vaccinations 
  • Emergency veterinary care such as in the event of illness 
  • Necessary grooming 
  • Fun enrichment activities and toys 

Pet ownership is a life-long commitment in itself, but there are other time commitments related to caring for your pet. These often include:

  • Feeding
  • Daily exercise 
  • Socialisation 
  • Ongoing training and behaviour correcting
  • Play and companionship 
  • Monitoring of health and wellbeing

Final Tips and Recommendations 

Making the Final Decision

Pets are long-term commitments, and factors such as breed characteristics, lifestyle compatibility, and the responsibilities associated with pet ownership should all be carefully considered before choosing a pet. Thorough research is a necessary part of searching for the right pet for you and your family. 

Before you make a decision, try to make time to visit the pet if possible. This can help you decide if they’re the right fit for you. 

Pets offer so much joy and happiness to their owners, but it’s important to make sure you understand the commitment of pet ownership before you adopt or buy. 

Once the decision is made—get ready to welcome your new family member! 

Begin Your Pet Search With Gumtree

Pet ownership is a rewarding and joyous experience. By combining the convenience of online browsing with responsible decision-making, you can embark on a journey to welcome a new furry friend into your home with confidence.


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