Gems on Gumtree


Gumtree is full of gems. We’ve said it a lot over the last month, because we know it’s true! We also know that it can be a little tricky finding what you want, so we thought we’d talk to the experts – some of our #findagem competition winners.

Each has their own unique way of using Gumtree – some use it to find great deals, others use it to find jobs, a few use it to earn a bit of extra cash to buy their next gem and then there are those that use Gumtree to plan their next holiday.

Over the next six posts, we’ll chat to our lucky #findagem thousand-aires and get their tips on getting the most out of Gumtree. The first is university student, Hannah, who has a few tips to share on making the most of Gumtree as a student.

Do you have a Gumtree tip to share with us? Tell us in the comments below.

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