Gumtree Gardening: Winter Ideas


Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy the garden! There are plenty of plants, flowers and veggies that thrive in the cooler months. So, if your garden’s looking a bit drab and you’re keen to spruce it up, we have a few suggestions to help brighten your garden this winter.

Grey skies don’t mean gardens have to be dull too. You can still find a variety of flowers that bloom throughout winter and into spring. For an instant hit of colour, cyclamens, pansies and violas in full bloom should do the trick. Also some lavender or winter’s rose can give your garden a nice touch of soft colour.

While flowers are fantastic way to cheer up a gloomy garden, another great way add colour is through foliage. There are a variety of plants with interesting coloured foliage, such as the Australian native ‘Big Red’ which has dark crimson tips, ‘Moses in a Cradle’ with its long green and purple leaves, and the spotted pink leaves of the ‘Polka Dot Plant’ – just to name a few!

Fruit & Veg
Nothing tastes as good as home grown fruit and veg! And you don’t have to wait till spring to get started on your veggie patch. Depending on your region, some vegetables you can plant now include snow peas, broccoli, spinach, carrots, cabbage and potatoes.

You can get started on your fruit trees in winter too. In fact, fruit trees are often cheaper at this time of year because they’re sold ‘bare-root’ (not in soil) when dormant. So why not plant some fruit trees now and look forward to freshly picked peaches or apricots for summers to come!

Winter gardening tips
• If you’re planting in winter, try to choose an area of the garden that receives the most amount of sunlight (avoid planting near tall trees if possible)
• Surround your new plants with a thick layer of mulch to protect against gusty winds and frosty mornings
• If you’re unsure – read the seed packet or care instructions – most plants come with a good guide of how much sunlight and water they need

Remember, Australia’s a big place so the kind of plants, fruit and veg that grow during the winter months will vary from region to region. But, whatever your winter gardening needs, you’ll find just about everything you need on Gumtree. So whether you’re landscaping, planting or just looking for some garden decorations, check out Gumtree for some gardening inspiration this winter.

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