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Cararra Gumtree Roadshow

We asked our Facebook fans to share images of their most treasured pieces, to be examined by expert valuers, the Aussie Pickers, as part of the Gumtree Roadshow. Lorraine Mules was one of six lucky fans to have their items assessed and valued.

Lorraine’s husband first came into possession of an old solid oak ice-box (that’s a fridge without electricity, for those too young to know) in the 80s whilst living in Maroochydore, Queensland. Mr Mules owned and rented out property in the town. When one of his tenants was unable to cover rent, he offered the ice-box as payment for his accommodation.

Ice Box

At the time, Mr Mules had absolutely no idea of the ice-box’s value, but he admired the fine craftsmanship and carpentry finesse, so agreed to the exchange. Since then, Lorraine and her husband have been using the ice box as a side table and had little understating or knowledge of its history before it came into their possession.

Assessing the district markings and craftsmanship, the Aussie Pickers were able to confirm the ice box was created in the 1890s by Heinz Munschauer and valued the piece as just under $1,000. The Aussie Pickers said:

“This is a great item that can be repurposed into many things. Being airtight, it can be upcycled into humidors, which can sell for $4k.”

We’d say that’s a fair trade for rent! And it goes to show, you never know what’s lying around the home that could make you a small fortune. That being said, not everything needs a professional valuation – we recommend reviewing listings on Gumtree similar to items you’re looking to sell, to help set a fair price.

Have an item you’ve been holding onto and feel it may have some value? Why not check out Gumtree to assist in understanding its value:

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  1. Wow, to be picked by Aussie Pickers, I watch the show on Foxtel when I can, plus I also watch what the Americans can find in different sheds etc, and the finds they find.
    I have a small silver metal plate, that has a trade mark on the back, and have found that it is American company, and I believe that the date on it, is 1776 and has a small grove around 1/2 inch from the edge of the plate.
    This is around the time of the American Revolution I believe. but am not sure if this is when the plate was made.
    I also have various other pieces that I came into, when my Mum died in 1998, plus I also have a small cupboard that I kept my books and toys in when I was a small child, I am now 64, and am wondering if it would be of any value as well.
    Thanks for sharing this ladies good fortune.
    Christine K

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