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Woman Studying at the LibraryUni students are some of our savviest users and one of our #findagem winners, Hannah, is a university student from Brisbane. “I’d been using Gumtree for a while, looking for deals and heard about the competition at uni, where everyone was talking about it,” Hannah recalls. Hearing about the competition led to Hannah starting her own hunt for that shiny green gem on Gumtree and she stumbled upon it not too long after!

It’s safe to say that after her #findagem win, drinks are on Hannah down at the uni bar. Because she can’t shout the rest of us, we’re going to share her top tips for university students on Gumtree looking for a gem of their own.

  • Use the Gumtree mobile app when you’re out and about

Got 20 minutes before your lecture starts? Have a flick through listings on the Gumtree AU app for iOS and Android – you never know what you might find.

  • Look for rental properties

“I’ve always used Gumtree to find rentals that fit what I’m looking for at that particular time,” says Hannah. Gumtree is a great community-minded place for finding new roommates or rental properties. Plus, the ability to personalise your listing means it’s easy to find fun and like-minded people.

  • Buy fixer-upper furniture for your home

Gumtree is a great way to find second-hand furniture and according to Hannah, “is a one-stop shop for decking out your new (or old!) place.” There are plenty of listings for furniture under the ‘freebies’ page too. All you need to do is find a mate to help you pick it all up!

  • Look for casual jobs

Holidays around corner, or just need some extra cash? Gumtree has plenty of casual job listings and a page to upload your resume so prospective employers can find you.

So jump on to Gumtree, your wallet will definitely thank you later.

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