Hilarious true blue truck ad goes viral on Gumtree

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It’s safe to say most Gummies are community-minded people who love to find a gem on Gumtree, but sometimes those gems aren’t the things we’re buying or selling. Sometimes we run across people like Gold Coast native Jon Gibson, a happily married father of two, passionate surf life saver, and former owner of what he calls a “man truck” with a bull bar “forged from samurai swords”, a super winch that can “stop the earth’s rotation” and a front facing snorkel that can “suck clouds right out of the sky.”

Like Jon, a bit of creativity could really get you noticed next time you place an ad on Gumtree.

Gibson’s entertaining and creative ad to sell his Toyota Landcruiser has been viewed almost 100,000 times, yet in true Aussie spirit, he sold it to the very first person who contacted him about it.

We could apply some of the truck’s characteristics, as described by Gibson, to our own relationships with the world, our friends, neighbours and loved ones.

For example:

“A UHF radio comes with my truck so you can keep in touch with your mates without having to go on facetube or twit space or whatever the kids are doing” – while the ad has gone viral on social media, the takeaway message here is that we should all take the time to have a real conversation with the important people in our lives without gadgets and screens. The personal touch is so much more powerful.

“It has large rear view mirrors so you can see the look of bewilderment on the faces of the Roos as they cartwheel off into the spinifex” – on the surface this is a description of the quality of the mirrors, but perhaps we should just get out more and appreciate the natural beauty in our own backyards.

Although this “top bloke” has already sold the truck, he has used the incredible response to his ad by amending it to send an even more important message about what he calls “the real True Blue Aussie legends, the Volunteer Surf Life Savers.”

As we head into the warmer months of the year and explore the beautiful beaches of Australia, spare a thought for the thousands of volunteers who look after the beaches and waters to make sure you are protected.

If you happen to be on the Gold Coast, take Jon up on his invitation to “head to North Burleigh SLSC and have a beer”.

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See Jon’s creative ad description below:Jon's 2010 Landcruiser Description

When it comes to car ads, Savvy Truck Loans CEO Bill Tsouvalas has seen it all; “I thought I had seen every kind of car classified under the sun. But this guy’s ad takes the cake! It just goes to show how a little ingenuity can do you well.”

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