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Phone Price Checker

Whether you’re the type of person who upgrades their phone every year, or someone who holds on to their handset to get the last drop of value out of it, you’ll find that there is always someone who is willing to buy your old phone. The dilemma, however, is determining how much your old phone is worth. You could find yourself overestimating the value of a phone that’s only a couple of years old, or perhaps thinking that an early model of a no-longer-popular brand isn’t worth much.

Global Gartner research suggests that 64% of the phones we buy are reused by someone else, with most of those going to a new owner through private resale. Last year, worldwide sales of second-hand phones generated $7 Billion in revenue and on sites like Gumtree Australia, iPhone sales alone exceeded $14 million. In fact, Gumtree saw an exponential rise in the number of postings for used handsets.

If you’re a slave to new technology and want a shiny new handset each year, then selling your phone online is a great way to minimise the cost of your upgrade. On the other hand, if you happen to have one of the 23 million used phones that are lying around in junk drawers of many a home, then reselling your phone can help you declutter and get a bit of spending money too. But how much can you get for that old handset? Some online research or a comparison tool such as Gumtree’s Phone Price Checker can help you find the optimal price for your old phone based on online ads across Australia. Only phones with sufficient sample data are included in the price checker so you can be confident that the information is a good representation of the online phone marketplace.

Sellers aren’t the only ones to benefit from the phone price checker, though. Buyers can use this handy tool to see just how much that phone they have their eye on would cost them. With all the popular handsets including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and even older Blackberries included, you’re sure to find price information on your particular model.

The robust online phone market is expected to grow as continuously improving technology means newer models are introduced more frequently. With most people upgrading their smartphones every 18-20 months, there is every possibility that your favourite phone is being bought or sold somewhere online. Best way to get ahead is to do your research before you join the fray.

Find out how much your phone is worth with our Phone Price Checker here.

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