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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard or read about the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go. The revival of the original game made popular by Nintendo just over 20 years ago is even more popular today. The basic premise is the same: catch and collect these little monsters and become the Pokémon master.

If you’re wondering how to catch a Pokémon GO, the game has an added element that gets people out and about exploring the world in search of the creatures with their smartphones.
Here are some tips on how to catch a Pokémon Go:

  1. With your GPS switched on and your phone screen visible, walk around until the game buzzes to tell you that there is a Pokémon nearby.
  2. As you’re traveling, you will have the opportunity to collect Poké Balls from Pokéstops along the way. These are essential for catching Pokémon.
  3. Keep your eye on the little leaves on your screen. They’ll tell you if there are Pokémon nearby.
  4. If you’re armed with Poké Balls, your map will show you the location of the Pokémon and you can tap your screen to go into catch mode.
  5. Swipe your screen to flick the Ball at your Pokémon, aim to hit inside the circle. The smaller the circle, the higher chance you will catch the Pokémon.
  6. Once your Pokémon is in sight, it will have a green, yellow or red target. The red circle is the most difficult to catch, with higher combat power and rarer species.

If you’re like most players, you’ll soon expand your knowledge of Pokémon GO and terms like Stardust, Candies, and Hatching will be a part of your new vocabulary. At a basic level though, the fun is in collecting as many creatures as you can.

Image credit: Gumtree User

The best way to do that is to expand your search area beyond your immediate home or work neighbourhood. Populated areas such as tourist attractions/landmarks, parks, sculptures and shopping centres are a bustling hive of Pokémons.  Some creatures only frequent certain areas while others may only come out at night.

Pokémon Go Sydney Map

Check our map of Sydney to see which Pokémons you can find around some of Sydney’s famous landmarks. These are real captures of Pokémons we caught. Find your way to each location on the map to see if you can catch ’em all!

gumtree how to catch a pokemon go sydney map

Infographic by Pulpo

If your search involves a mode of transport other than your feet, it’s best to have a designated driver so you can play the game safely.

With more than 2,000 Pokémon related listings on Gumtree and 300 listings featuring the term Pokemon Go, you might consider hiring a driver or trainer to take you and a group of friends on your search for these elusive little creatures. You’ll find Pokémon Go drivers on Gumtree like the ones below. Some will offer a comfortable ride (some even offer a luxury car), bottled water, and can include stops for hungry Trainers:

Essentials on Gumtree for your Pokémon hunt:

  • PhoneFor the best Pokémon GO experience, trade up to the best smartphone – one with the best camera, battery and screen.
  • Car – If you’re the designated driver on the Pokémon trail, consider upgrading to a roomy and stylish new car from Gumtree.
  • Portable USB charger – The Pokémon App is notorious for draining the battery in your phone, so invest in a portable charger and you won’t run out of juice during your hunt.

How to catch Pokémon with Gumtree:

Pokémon Porsche Driver
Image credit: Gumtree User

pokemon go driver
Catch your Pokémon in style with our Gummie offering to drive you around in a convertible Porsche with the top down at $60 per hour.

Pedicab Pokémon Hunt
Image credit: Gumtree User

pokemon go driver
Fancy a leisurely ride and an easier way to catch park based Pokémon? Hire a Pokémon Go Hunt on a pedicab with a driver for $50 an hour.

Fulltime Pokémon Trainer
Image credit: Gumtree User

how to catch a pokemon go
Hire a full time Pokémon trainer for the day at $200 a day including lunch, lure modules and transport.

More Pokémon services offered:

Read more about Pokemon Go’s unprecedented impact here.

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