Ideas and Tips for Dressing Up Your Dog for Halloween

Dachshund Dressed In Witch Costume

Halloween isn’t just for humans. Our furry friends want in on the fun too, and why shouldn’t they? Halloween is a glorious time of year when everyone from children to adults to pets can dress up and have fun. With many cute Halloween costumes for dogs becoming available online and at your local shops as the spooky season draws near, why not buy a cute dog costume for your furry friend this year?

Below, we’ll share some spooky costume ideas for all dog sizes and breeds so you can get the most treats on your street!  

Dog Costumes for Halloween
French bulldog in pumpkin costume

As October 31 approaches, pet parents everywhere start thinking about how to best include their four-legged family members in the spooky festivities. Halloween offers a perfect opportunity to unleash your creative spirit and let your dog join in the fun with exciting pet costumes. 

Whether you have a tiny terrier or a gentle giant, there are loads of costumes that can transform your pup into anything from the mythical to the hilarious.

Here are our top spooky Halloween costume ideas for dogs:

  • Dracula dog costume with flowing cape and high collar
  • Mummy wraps for a spooky yet adorable look
  • Dragon outfit with wings and scale-patterned costume
  • Wizard dog costume with glasses, lightning bolt scar, and house scarf
  • Princess gowns and tiaras (Cinderella, Elsa, etc.)
  • Taco dog costume decorated with lettuce, tomato and cheese
  • Doctor attire with a stethoscope and white coat
  • Pirate dog costume with hat, eye patch, and fake parrot accessory
  • Knight armour with metallic vest and shield

Pretty exciting right? Don’t forget, you can also do a family or group costume to really make those trick-or-treaters laugh.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs and Owners

Matching Halloween costumes for dogs and owners are not just outfits, they’re an exciting experience you can only sport once a year. Imagine trotting down your local streets with your four-legged friend, both of you sporting matching pet costumes. It’s not merely a treat for the eyes of your neighbours but a fun and bonding escapade that’ll surely fetch you some extra goodies as you trick or treat door-to-door.

Ideas for Small Dog Costumes

Little paws, big personality. When it comes to costumes for smaller breeds, think of the classics with a twist. How about a tiny superhero with a cape fluttering in the wind, or perhaps a mini pumpkin that trots? With tiny but cute Halloween costumes for dogs, your petite furry friend will be ready to steal hearts while haunting the neighbourhood.

Halloween Costumes for Big Dogs

Big dogs, huge fun. Exploring Halloween costumes for big dogs opens a kennel full of majestic and awe-inspiring options. Consider regal lions, gentle giants, or even a spooky ghost that barks. The key is to find a perfect outfit accommodating their size to make them feel like the king or queen of the Halloween parade. 

DIY Halloween Outfits for Dogs

Bulldog halloween costume

Crafty paws at the ready. For those who love a DIY challenge, creating homemade Halloween outfits for dogs can be a rewarding experience. A sheet can become a ghost, and some felt can transform your pup into a bumblebee. You can also create capes, headbands or even use cardboard as a cut-out for a fake hot dog costume. It’s all about being fun and budget-friendly while ensuring your pet is comfy in their spooky costume. 

Safety Tips for Dressing Up Dogs 

Dressing your pooch should always come with a dose of precaution. Ensure your adorable dog costume is snug but not tight on your furry friends, and always keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort. Make sure there’s nothing they could pull off and chew that would be toxic or a choking hazard, too.

After all, our furry friend’s well-being is paramount, even while enjoying Halloween’s fun festivities. 

Cheeky Tricks for Getting Your Dog Comfortable in Costume

Not every dog is ready to jump into a costume, and that’s okay. Gradually introducing them to their new outfit, coupled with heaps of praise and maybe a treat or two, can make the experience fun and stress-free. Try to get them well acquainted with their dog costume in the safety of your own home before venturing out to the streets.

Remember, the aim is to create happy memories with your pooch, in and out of their Halloween attire. 

As we wrap up our spooktacular journey, remember that whether store-bought or DIY, the perfect outfit for your dog is the one they’re comfortable in. So, here’s to a howling good time this Halloween, with your furry friend safely by your side. is issued by The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd ABN 78 090 584 473, AFSL 241436, is arranged and administered by PetSure (Australia) Pty Ltd ABN 95 075 949 923, AFSL 420183 (PetSure) and is promoted and distributed by PetSure’s Authorised Representatives (AR) Pet Insurance Pty Ltd ABN 38 607 160 930, AR 1234944 (PIPL) and Gumtree AU Pty Ltd ABN 33 616 996 840, AR 1304608. Any advice provided is general only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) to ensure this product meets your needs before purchasing. PDS and Target Market Determination available at

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