Imagine calling these 4 Australian castles home


In Australia, we know a man’s home is his castle…or so the saying goes. But, are you aware that there are actual castles around Australia? And we mean the medieval type castles, the type you see in fairy tales, Robin Hood and Camelot – where archers would position themselves atop the marvellous structures, to protect against approaching enemies.

So, if you don’t have deep enough pockets to visit Scotland or other parts of the UK, we have some places in Australia that you can visit and see what these medieval masterpieces may look like.

Kryal Castle, Melbourne VIC

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It’s near Ballarat and is a place where you can be king or queen for a day. Kyral Castle is a theme park that takes you back to the land that was. Stroll through the Dragon’s Labyrinth, find your way through the maze and catch a jousting match between ‘knights’ in the castle arena.

Kings Plains Castle, Inverell NSW

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If you’re looking for more of a homely feel while still getting the ‘castle experience’, look no further than Kings Plains Castle. This nine-room castle has a rich history, with each room named after a character in the history of Kings Plains Station. And speaking from experience, New England is a lovely place to visit – it can get very cold in the winter, so rug up.

The Sunshine Castle, Bli Bli QLD

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The Sunshine Castle takes you back in time, surrounding the Castle is a moat and the only way to get in is over the drawbridge. With medieval and historical displays throughout, there won’t be a dull moment on your visit to this ‘magical land’.

10 Armytage Drive, Portsea VIC

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For the millionaires amongst us, you could design and have your own medieval style castle built with whatever you want. Whether that be 10 rooms, 20-foot ceilings and multiple swimming pools. I can only image, but the above is one that grabbed our attention.

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