Introducing the Gumtree Roadshow

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Facebook-Roadshow-Link-AdDust off your old-school board games and antique vases, grab that Fender guitar out from under the bed and the vintage tea set from storage, because the Gumtree Roadshow is hitting the highway to help value your unwanted stuff!

Gumtree is the number one place to buy and sell second-hand goods – right now, there are more than 840,000 pre-loved or unwanted gems listed for sale on the site.

… But we know there are millions more out there.

We want to show you just how much your vintage, antique, pre-loved or general unwanted items are worth, so we’ve invited the Aussie Pickers, Lucas Callaghan and Adam McDonald, Australia’s picking celebrities and valuing experts, to join us on the Roadshow, stopping in at local markets along the east coast of Australia.

At each of our four stops Lucas and Adam will value your unwanted items live on location. Once you have an indication of how much your stuff is worth Gumtree helpers will show you how to create an ad so you can start cashing in on all those unwanted goods straight away.

Come and see what the Roadshow is all about and meet the Aussie Pickers– we even have local talent to entertain you and a fresh juice bar to quench your thirst between valuations.

Want to find out if the Gumtree Roadshow is coming to a town near you? Head to and follow #GumtreeRoadshow on Facebook and Twitter for more information and the latest news and updates.

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  1. Great idea Can’t wait to see it on your website
    We live in SA so can’t get to the live gumtree roadshow on the east coast
    How about coming to Adelaide there’s a lot of interest and a lot of antiques and fascinating stuff lurking in homes and properties around here❗️.
    Is anyone planning a skype or other type of roadshow ❓

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