Josh & Matt reveal their top Gumtree tips

Matt And Josh

Josh & Matt Design are the creative minds and artists behind our first interiors line, Gumtree Collections with Josh & Matt. The new line features 25 upcycled pieces that were transformed from pre-loved items originally sourced on Gumtree. We sat down with Josh & Matt to talk about their inspiration for the new collection and how they searched for the pre-loved items they used.

As upcycling experts with a passion for Maximalism, Josh & Matt have a huge love for colour, texture and shapes. Traits they like to add to all of their designs and home décor. From painting and upcycling to handmade pieces for the home, they love to create and experiment with a ‘there are no rules’ mindset. 

Now, they’ve shared their top tips for buying on Gumtree as well as their favourite search terms to help inspire Gummies to upcycle and make a positive impact on their home and the planet.  

Hints & tips by Josh & Matt

  • Broaden your search. First, we like to start out with generic wording that encompasses a large range of items because many times you’ll find that the perfect item or real treasure has only been labelled as ‘chair’ or ‘table’. 
  • Reverse search.  Imagine the ideal object you’re after and then list different words that could be used to describe it. For example, you could mention the material, shape, style or decade. Once you have your list of words, begin searching these words individually on Gumtree and it will help guide you towards that treasure that you’re after. A few of our favourite keywords are included below to start you off. 
  • Hunt for your favourite designers. We like to search for various brands and designers that fit into our aesthetic. For example Ligne Roset, Verner Panton, Kartell. You can also search the name of the store that sells the item that you’re after as this is often listed in the description. For example, Domo, Living Edge & Space Furniture are a few of our faves with a great selection of designers. So if you search these stores on Gumtree often you will find very nice pieces purchased from these stores at very good prices.
  • Look for quality. We always try to make sure that the pieces we are buying are made to last. This usually comes down to the materials it is made from such as wood, metal or stone. And checking for any major damage that could affect the item. We would much rather spend a little bit more for a piece that will last forever than one that may be cheaper upfront but you will end up having to replace it sooner!
  • Consider various uses. We like to think about how objects can be used in different ways to their intended use. This can lead to really interesting upcycling projects and unique pieces in your home! For example, our Alien Aesthete trinket tray was originally a salt container for cooking but we thought it would be a great trinket tray and the shape reminded us of a creature! 

Josh & Matt’s favourite search terms to use on Gumtree

Below are Josh & Matt’s 10 search terms that the artistic duo used to design the 25 one-off items in their Gumtree Collections. Use them to find similar items on Gumtree or explore the terms to find out more about each look ahead of your own upcycling journey. 

  • Mid-century modern 

blue chair

  • Postmodern 

Post modern chairs

  • Vintage 

vintage dining table and chairs

  • Kartell 

Kartell style chair

  • Sculptural 

Statement style armchair

  • Modern 

modern chair

  • Antique 

antique armchairs

  • Custom 

custom made white dining table

  • Maximalist 

living room with lots of colours and fabrics

  • Marble

marble dining table

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  1. Love these design ideas from Gumtree collections. Good cause too i.e recycling. Now I know where to look for inspiration when I want to buy something.

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