Liven Up Your Home with these Living Room Ideas

Dining Room Ideas To Add Extra Flavour To Your Home

Is your living room a little stale? Has it been some time since you have updated the decor? It’s easy to give your living room a new lease of life using accessories. A cosmetic makeover can be done in two weeks or less. You can make the most of your space at home by choosing decor that inspires and delights you. It is easy to cheer up your living room without blowing your budget. These decorating tips apply to both renters and homeowners; you don’t need to rip up the floor! Living room rugs, cushions, throws, lighting, lamps, blinds and curtains are just some of the ways you can easily transform this room. Here are some living room ideas for your home.

Living room lighting

There are lots of possibilities to create a fabulous, relaxing atmosphere in your living room. Choose living room lamps and lighting that look great even when turned off. Pendant lights give a stylish look and feel, and a fancy chandelier is eye-catching, adds pizazz and provides a unique talking point for guests.


Window dressings flow with the rest of the room and living room curtains and blinds can change the whole look and feel of a lounge room. Long, thick drapes can give your room a more formal feel, while light living room curtains or blinds create a more relaxed atmosphere. Make sure plenty of sunlight still shines through.

Gorgeous living room rugs

Beautiful, unique rugs are not only eye-catching but functional as well. They can also cover carpet stains, which can be ideal if you are renting. A patterned number will see your room achieve a fabulous new look. Switch up your space with a living room rug that blends with your decor, or try a contrasting colour for an offbeat style. Persian rugs are works of art that never go out of style. Crafted to last for generations, they represent a smart investment.

Cushions & throws

Adding a few cushions makes the world of difference! This is a great start when your living room is looking a little drab, and you can keep adding from there as your time and budget allows. Just changing the cushions on your sofa and adding a throw can refresh the look and feel of your living room. Why not choose complementary patterns for multiple sofas? You can easily mix and match your cushion covers to create a new look whenever you fancy a minor change. Throws can be light and summery or thick, warm and cosy. Use large colourful or pattern throw rugs to accessorise your sofa or to hide upholstery stains on chairs and sofas. Well-chosen throws and cushions can pull together many elements of the room. It is best to decide how many cushions and throws you want, the size and shape you are looking for and how they will be arranged before you search for your ideal soft furnishings collection.

There many living room decor ideas, including fresh and artificial flowers, lounge room ornaments, artwork, occasional tables and accent chairs to add unique touches to an otherwise plain lounge room. Explore the huge array of homewares on Gumtree.

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