Modern Living Room Ideas for a Contemporary Makeover

Modern Living Room Ideas For A Contemporary Makeover

Your living room is an important part of your home, usually used daily by every occupant, as well as by any guests you may have. Whether you have an open plan area or a compact separate space, you’ll want it to be functional and contemporary. Read on for easy, inexpensive hints and tips for your living room furniture and accessories.

Living room furniture

Living rooms are there for our comfort, making the seating one of the most important elements. Living room chairs and lounge suites need to be durable and functional. The colour and style of your seating could have a big influence on the rest of the space, so you might want to consider carefully. Once you have settled on your seating choices, a coffee table in front of the sofa is usually an essential addition, whether you’re a TV buff or more of a Sudoku fan.

If you entertain guests regularly, you might need more space for storing glassware or serving drinks and snacks. Living room cabinets and tables can be a great solution here—whether you prefer them matched as a set, or mismatched and eclectic. Side tables can make those empty corners useful, perhaps for lamps or for keeping portable electronic devices and books out of the way but handy.

The (un)important television

Television was born into the living rooms in Australia in the 1950s when TV sets became mass-produced and globally available. Today, the television is often the main focus of our lounge rooms. Prior to that, the central focus of everyday living spaces was often the radio set or even the fireplace.

The space available, the location of your power points and the size of your screen will all determine the location of your living room TV. A great location is essential because you want everyone to be able to watch it comfortably. Check the neck angle from all seats to work out how many people you can invite to a movie night—without sending your guests to the chiropractor. The right TV unit or wall-mounted location is key. Small living room ideas include wall-mounting the TV on either of the shortest walls.

Artwork and accessories

Effective lighting is important for functional living spaces and can be used for artistic features as well. Consider your side lighting and lamps: directional lamps can be adjusted to suit changing needs, for example reading in a corner or playing games on the living room table. Adhesive, energy-efficient LED strip lighting is an economical way to add extra light without calling an electrician, with strips available in sensor-activated, battery-operated and remote-controlled models.

Your wall art and other non-functional decor items are an expression of your personality. Go big and minimalistic or small and abundant. Perhaps a picture gallery of sentimental photos or artwork done by children or significant others, highlighted by frame or display lights. Like LED strip lights, frame lights come in battery-operated, dimmable, remote-controlled models that are not expensive.

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