Nine bargains to score during winter

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If the colder weather has put you into a state of hibernation when it comes to taking on projects or making buying decisions, then you might want to reconsider. Most of us tend to wait until spring to update our homes, redo the outdoor area, or plan a beachside holiday. Most sellers, on the other hand, are quite open to negotiating a great deal during the slow season. In fact, there are some great bargains to score during winter.

So get in before the spring rush and be ready for a fun summer ahead. Negotiate on items that are not very popular until the weather gets warmer such as home furnishings, outdoor furniture, even cars and holiday homes.

Convertible $28,000
Image credit: Gumtree Owner

A convertible is the ultimate winter bargain. While others wait for the weather to warm up, you can snap up a great deal. And if you need to finance your new car from Gumtree, check out RateCity for comparable car loans.

9 piece outdoor dining set $1,300
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
outdoor furniture
This beautiful timber dining set is perfect for those summer barbecues to come.

Outdoor spa $4,000
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
outdoor spa
An outdoor spa is a great addition if you don’t have room for a pool. You might even use this heated spa to battle the winter chill.

Beach side holiday home $143 per night
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
holiday home
A beach side holiday is a bargain at this time of year, so go on, have a mid-winter break and enjoy long walks on the beach.

Ziegler and Brown gas BBQ $250
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
Snap up a great barbecue like this one before the summer rush.

Outdoor lounge $899
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
outdoor lounge
Now’s the time to upgrade your outdoor lounge or add some extra seating.

Above ground pool $1,200
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
An inflatable pool like this one is a great buy now. Just store it away until the weather gets warmer.

Solar system installed $9,990
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
soalr system
Though the hours of sunlight are limited at the moment, a solar system can still help with the electricity budget. So save on the installation now and ramp up the savings as the days get longer.

10ft outdoor trampoline $199
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
There is really no bad time for an outdoor trampoline, especially when it comes to entertaining the kids. Snap one up while the prices are affordable.

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