Our Top Home Lighting Ideas and Tips

Our Top Home Lighting Ideas And Tips

It can sometimes be tricky to get the lighting just the way you want it in a room. You need lighting to be functional, but there’s also an opportunity to bring some real pizzazz to your living spaces by choosing the right lighting styles and fittings. Read on to explore our home lighting ideas for every room.

Garage and laundry lighting

It’s important for your work areas to be well lit. Garages and laundries need effective lighting for the jobs you do in them. For these areas, it’s best to use bulbs that give off cool white light. These are good for providing bright task lighting for places like your kitchen and bathroom as well.

For garage lighting ideas, consider having some portable floodlights and directional lamps that can be clamped near a job. A magnifying light can be useful and it’s always good to have some backup, battery lighting and torches stowed away to get you through any electrical blackouts.

Kitchen and bathroom lighting

Overhead kitchen cabinets can cast shade on the back of your benches, making it difficult to see what you’re doing. Fortunately, there are some great LED strip lighting ideas available. These include strips that stick to the underside of your cabinets and act as downlights. The pantry is another spot where LEDs could make your life easier. Battery-operated LED strips are easily fitted, so you avoid the cost of an electrician. Kitchen island lighting ideas include using multiple pendants to bring the light sources closer to the bench and increase the brightness of your work area.

Bathrooms also need to be well lit, especially the mirror. Again, inexpensive strip lighting could be easily added. For more bathroom and kitchen pendant lighting ideas, browse Gumtree.

Lounge and dining room lighting

The lounge is an ideal space to add some ambient lighting from standing lamps, conveniently located within reach of your favourite reading spots. Dining room lighting needs to be bright, and over your dining table is another popular place for pendant lights.

Festive lights or string lights are great for creating a party atmosphere. When buying light bulbs, look for the brightness (Lumens) and the electricity consumption (W). The higher the Lumens the brighter the bulb, while lower wattage uses less electricity. The softer light from warm-white-colour compact bulbs is best for most of your lounge, dining and bedroom light fittings.

Bedroom lighting

Bedroom lighting often has a central ceiling light accompanied by bedside lamps. Renovating shows on television have made pendant lights popular for bedsides, but keep in mind that installing wired-in lights requires an electrician. Picture frame or display lights can highlight your artwork and these are also available in battery-operated, economical LEDs with remote controls that dim them.

If you have stairs in your home, then some good staircase lighting ideas include using the space for some big, impressive pendants, stylish wall lights, lighting strips or accent lighting to fully illuminate your stairs.

Head to Gumtree to find a huge variety of functional and stylish lights, lamps and lighting accessories.

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