Product of the month: Caravans and campervans

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Caravan owners would know there’s no better way to see this beautiful country we live in, than to get on the road and explore our stunning national parks, golden beaches, and vibrant communities. Caravans allow you the freedom to decide how long to stay, so if you love your camping spot, then stick around a while. If not, just move on.

But if you’re looking to upgrade your caravan, or buy one for the first time, then check out the caravan listings on Gumtree before you head anywhere else. You’ll find everything from glamorous caravans with fully equipped kitchens and media rooms, to retro pop ups that will take you back in time.

Glam campervan $71,710

glam camper

Image credit: Gumtree user

For the ultimate glamping experience, consider splurging on a family-friendly caravan which features a private space all your own, away from the kids! With a full kitchen, air conditioning, and a media space, this stylish head-turner will allow you to travel in comfort and style.

Teardrop campervan $10,750


Image credit: Gumtree user

If you’re a newbie to caravans and don’t want to go large, check out the adorable teardrop caravan. It will surprise you with storage, entertainment, cooking and sleeping facilities – in fact, it’s the ultimate efficient small space.

 Traditional caravan $18,000


Image credit: Gumtree user

You can’t go past a traditional caravan with all the basic comforts and enough space to stretch out and relax. Go explore the trails or beaches, and at the end of the day, come “home”, cook a meal, read or relax no matter where you are.

Onsite holiday camper $23,500


Image credit: Gumtree user

Imagine owning your own holiday house for a mere fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar home. Fixed holiday campers abound on Gumtree, with locations next to beaches, national parks and even city hubs. Why not invest in your own little holiday spot for the family?

Vintage camper $14,000

vintage caravan

Image credit: Gumtree user

Go back in time when things moved at a slower pace and indulge in a retro camper that will be the talk of the campsite.

Majestic Caravan $67,990

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Looking to splurge? This campervan will have you covered with a full ensuite and customisable features.

Image credit: Gumtree user

Caravan accessories


Image credit: Gumtree user

Gummies will find loads of options for decking out their caravans. From solar panels and BBQ’s to caravan covers, you can find it all on Gumtree.

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  1. The blog is fabulous. I completely agree with you. Four wheel drive and caravans are in great demand in Australia. People are enjoying camping, walking through the national parks and other adventurous fun throughout the off-road outback traveling. With the help of these products, the journey becomes in comfort with kids because of all home comfort services in the same place.

  2. The further I got into the bush the less vehicles I saw. The most remote site I accessed had a few pickups with older campers in the box since the overgrowth would chew up anything newer.

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