Product spotlight: LEGO


Who doesn’t love LEGO? Most of us will have fond memories of hours spent playing LEGO as kids, getting completely lost in our creations. You’d search around for exactly the right piece to make your masterpiece look perfect, or just stack as many pieces as you could on top of each other until your impossibly tall tower fell down. It was great fun! And while LEGO might feel like a blast from the past for some of us, it’s still just as popular today as it was back then – if not more so.

LEGO is one of the rare toys that’s managed to stand the test of time. Designed in 1932 by Danish toymaker, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, the original LEGO brick was made of wood, eventually becoming the plastic LEGO brick we know and love today in 1958. In fact, that final LEGO design was so perfect it’s had no further adjustments since then; a LEGO brick made in 1958 will still work with the LEGOs of today – how cool is that?

When you think of all the toys that have come and gone since 1932, it’s amazing that such a simple, coloured building brick has remained so popular for more than 80 years. Perhaps it’s the sheer simplicity of it. Perhaps it’s because all the pieces fit together so you can merge all your LEGO sets into one. Perhaps it’s the hundreds of different themes you can play with, letting you completely immerse yourself in another world. Whatever it is, they’ve definitely found something that works.

More than just bricks
The construction bricks will always be the staple of every LEGO collection, but what fun would the bricks be on their own without the LEGO sets? LEGO people, LEGO animals, LEGO transport and the LEGO scenes that form the backdrop to all that creativity; from farmyards to hospitals, from space stations to castles. Add in the movie-themed LEGO like Star Wars, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones and it’s enough to keep the kid in all of us occupied for hours. Not to mention the LEGO franchise expanding beyond plastic and into digital, with LEGO video games, a LEGO movie and even an upcoming LEGO reality TV show!

Second-hand LEGO
LEGO is one of those rare products that doesn’t seem to age, so buying it second-hand can be just as good as buying it new. Kids will often ending up playing with their parents’ LEGO sets, which goes to show they really do keep well. It’s hard to go wrong buying LEGO second-hand, but here are a few tips to remember:

  • Inspect – The odd LEGO piece may crack and pieces from a collection/set can get lost. So be sure inspect before you buy and if you’re buying a set check that all the pieces are accounted for.
  • Collect – Not just a kid’s toy, serious collectors are on the hunt for rare LEGO – often Star Wars themed – and one of the only ways to buy these is second-hand. As with all collector’s items, anything in the original packaging is going to be worth much more. And make sure you do your research and ensure it really is rare before shelling out top dollar.
  • Clean – Some people like to clean their second-hand LEGO before using it. If you feel your recent LEGO purchase needs a scrub, a bucket of warm soapy water usually does the trick. Or if you don’t feel like hand washing, pop them in a mesh bag in the dishwasher or washing machine to get them looking new again.

Let’s face it, LEGO is cool. LEGO will always be cool. It provides endless opportunities to let your imagination run wild and is one of those rare toys that’s just as much fun for adults as for kids. So whether you’re looking for a bag of mixed LEGO pieces, a specific LEGO set, DUPLO for the younger kids or something rare and collectable, you can find just about every type of LEGO imaginable for sale on Gumtree – so go take a look and see what you can find.

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