Product spotlight: The Nexersys


Do you like gadgets? Check.

Do you like gaming? Check.

Do you like exercising? (Or are at least prepared to do it to get into shape!?) Check.

Then we present to you, the geekiest life-sized gaming gadget-slash-exercise machine you could have ever hoped for: The Nexersys.

A lot of products claim to be unique but the Nexersys really is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s futuristic stuff. The Nexersys team like to describe it as, “an interactive and intelligent fitness product”, but we think they should have said, “It’s the closest you’ll ever come to having a robot personal trainer.”

So, what actually is it? It’s like a super high-tech version of a martial arts training dummy. Instead of being made of wood, the Nexersys’ limbs are covered in pads for punching or kicking. These pads are hooked up to a central system that monitors how hard you’re hitting and – get this – gives you real-time feedback, encouraging you to work harder! Oh, did we mention the feedback will be coming from a virtual personal trainer on an inbuilt LCD monitor? Very cool.

The Nexersys’ exercise regime is based on high intensity interval training, or ‘HIIT’. Interval training is where you do short bursts of intensive exercise broken up by short recovery times. Elite athletes in most sports will use some kind of interval training because it pushes your body to its limits, helping you get fit faster. In other words, as well as being a super cool high tech exercise machine, the Nexersys is also going to get you really, really fit.

What makes the Nexersys different to a treadmill or other exercise machine, is that it provides personalised training programs. When you log on, your session will be tailored based on your fitness level and your previous workout history, so it really is like having a personal trainer. And if you like competition, you can spar against an Avatar and can even play multiplayer gaming rounds. Who needs Mortal Kombat when you have this?

So if you’re getting bored of your workout routine, or if you need some motivation to start exercising, the Nexersys might just be the gaming-slash-exercise machine you’ve been looking for! They can be on the pricey side though, so if you’d prefer to try one second-hand head over to Gumtree to see if you can hunt down a bargain.

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