Quirky Christmas gifts from Gumtree

1024px Giant Chess Set At Pontefract Castle

If you’re ready to start Christmas shopping but want to find something a bit different this year, then you’ve come to the right place! Gumtree is full of cool, quirky and unusual items for sale, so many of which could make perfect Christmas presents. So if you’re over buying the stock-standard boxes of chocolates, bottles of wine and lavender soaps for your family, then head to Gumtree and hunt down something a little more personal. There are endless possibilities to choose from, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to get you started.

For the playful

Nothing says Christmas fun like giant versions of the games you know and love. Supersize your Christmas gifts this year with some larger than life lawn games! Not just for kids, everyone’s going to love a game of giant Jenga, giant Connect 4 or giant chess. Or for the playful types with limited space, tiny games are fun too; look for smaller options like miniature snooker or table tennis tables.

Top gifts for the playful on Gumtree:

Image credit: Wikimedia

For the reminiscer

lava lamp

Lava lamp

We all know at least one ‘reminiscer’; they’re the person who’s more enamoured with an old-school Pez dispenser than the latest iPhone. They love little knickknacks from the past and have them proudly displayed around the house. If you’re buying for a reminiscer this year you’re in luck because Gumtree is full of little trinkets for them. Blow their minds with a framed, 3D ‘magic eye’ poster from the 90s, find them a groovy lava lamp they can watch for hours, or perhaps a fondue maker so they travel back to the 70s for dinner (NOTE: this gift is not complete without cheese!).

Top gifts for the reminiscer on Gumtree:

Image credit: Flickr

For the novelty lover


Spaceship Frame

Some people can’t get enough novelty gear and love nothing more than everyday objects disguised as something else. For your novelty lover, why not surprise them with a bar fridge disguised as a giant beer can, USB keys masquerading as Christmas ornaments or a novelty photo frame in the shape of a space ship.

Top gifts for the novelty lover on Gumtree:

Image credit: Gumtree user

For the collector


Vintage Weighing Scale


The great thing about collectors is they’re really easy to buy for and there’s no shortage of collectables for sale on Gumtree; from antiques and rare stamps to CDs and vinyl. And for those who like getting their hands on hard-to-find vintage objects, treat them this Christmas to an old school red telephone booth, a vintage weighing scale or a mantle clock from the 1800s. That’s going straight to the pool room!

Top gifts for the collector on Gumtree:

Image credit: Gumtree user

For the happy snapper


Lomography camera

Anyone can take a digital photo from their phone these days. Boring! For the happy snapper who enjoys the artistic side of photography, an old school camera with film is the way to go. For those who still want to see the picture instantly, there’s nothing more fun than a Polaroid selfie! Or for the camera that had filters way before Instagram, choose from a range of Lomography cameras with coloured tints, fish-eyes lenses and a host of special effects for hours of photographic fun.

Top gifts for the happy snapper on Gumtree:

There are so many ways you can spoil your family this Christmas, and nothing shows you care more than hunting down that special treasure you know will make their day. So think outside the square this year and find gifts that reflect the true personalities of those you love. You’re guaranteed to have as much fun finding your gifts as you will giving them!

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