Top 5 Resume Writing Tips

Needs-JobTop 5 Resume Tips

Job hunting can be a daunting task! No matter what type of job you’re looking for you want to make sure your resume stands out from the crowd. Here are our top tips to help your resume shine:

1. Sell yourself. Recruiters and hiring managers sift through hundreds of resumes. No matter how hard working, results focused, or friendly you may be, if your resume doesn’t make an impression, you will never get a chance to showcase this in an interview. Highlight all your key selling points near the top of the resume – be it your education, experience, an accomplishment or award – if it makes you stand out, it should be prominently at the top and immediately visible to a recruiter. Your resume is your ticket in, so emphasise all of your wonderful qualities.

2. Tell a story. Showcase your ability to learn, adapt, and change. Don’t just write job descriptions of your prior positions. Take the opportunity focus on your accomplishments, contributions, and things that you learned. Focus on how you grew professionally and your ability to adapt. Stick to the format of a resume, but let your personality shine through.

3. Focus on results. Did you have a positive impact on the last business you worked for? Use your resume to focus on the great results you have achieved in the past. Saying you have a great track record is one thing, but showing that you consistently deliver is another, and will give you a leg up on your search for employment.

4. Know your audience. Do your research on the company that you are applying to and tailor your resume to the company culture. The resume that you submit to work at a tech a start-up and the resume that you submit to find a job at a bank should showcase different things about yourself.

5. Showcase your passion. Are you a project manager by day, but a hip hop instructor by night? Do you spend your weekends volunteering for a cause you feel strongly about? Are you a devoted brand advocate of the company you are applying for? Your resume is the place to show it – these human touches will give anyone reviewing your resume a better sense of you, and make it more memorable.

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