Preparing for Running Events

Woman Running In The Park

Some of Australia’s biggest and most exciting running events take place from the end of July through to October, encouraging you to wake up from winter hibernation and stretch those legs.

Whether you’re a serious runner or simply looking to enter a fun-run with friends, preparation to get you across the finish line is essential. Our top five tips will help you get there …

… on your marks, get set …

Track your steps during training with some wearable tech. Smartwatches and mobile fitness apps can monitor everything from heart rate and breathing to speed and cadence. They are also incredibly convenient and portable. Read here for more information on how different devices size up.

Safety First
Most of us are at work during the day, leaving only night time to train outside. When running in the dark, it’s important to be visible to oncoming traffic, cyclists and other runners. There are several ways you can do this, including glowing accessories and reflectors (some sneakers are reflective), as well as high-visibility vests.

Dress for Success
If you’re a serious runner, consider wearing compression garments, which are designed to increase blood flow and support your muscles by giving them more oxygen. If you’re headed to a fun-run and looking to add a little excitement into the day, dress yourself and your friends in matching costumes. You can find a range of bargain costumes in the Clothing & Jewellery category on Gumtree.

It’s important to stay hydrated when running, especially during long distance courses. However, carrying a water bottle isn’t convenient, which is why many opt for a hydration pack – a soft, back-pack style container warn while running. Just remember to clean thoroughly if buying second-hand.

Mix it Up
Mixing up your training routine with other physical activities like cycling, weights or cross-training can reduce the monotony of running, while still keeping you fit. Equipment like mountain bikes, elliptical machines and free weights are readily available in in the Sport & Fitness category on Gumtree.

You should now be armed with the tools you need to get ahead of the pack. Best of luck and remember, everyone’s a winner!


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