Selling everything & travelling across Australia in my caravan



Travelling the country with nothing to worry about but the belongings on your back, could seem like a long shot, with bills, and a house full of belongings to look after.
Not for Kara Rosenlund our resident Brisbane born Gummie, who decided to waste no time after deciding to buy a 1956 caravan off Gumtree. This new purchase led her to start a business Travelling wares. Kara now travels across Australia and roams the countryside to sell vintage home pieces off the back of her 1956 caravan.

Kara’s favourite places visited during her travels include:

  1. The east coast of Tasmania
  2. Daylesford, Victoria
  3. The Flinders Ranges, South Australia

You can find Kara selling utilitarian vintage pieces at the next Vielle Branche Autumn Market Day.
Saturday 30th April 2016 8am -2pm
Vielle Branche, 10 Fox Street, Albion QLD 4010


Ever think of selling everything to travel the world or across Australia, but don’t want to let go of all your items? Instead of letting go of their items, Jen and Ted from Thrifty Nomads made a whopping $13,000 selling all their possessions online and on Gumtree to travel the world. See our list of household items that have been sold on Gumtree Australia:

Product Sold On Total Price
Beautiful walnut coffee table with bevelled glass Gumtree $100
3 Seater lounge suite with matching armchairs Friend $400
Harvey Norman TV stand Gumtree $400
Walnut/glass display cabinet Gumtree $75
Freedom dining table Gumtree $200
Mitsubishi Lancer Gumtree $7000
Outdoor furniture set Gumtree $250
Gold gilt framed wall mirror with bevelled glass Gumtree $200
Apple thunderbolt display Gumtree $998
Freedom Cancun bedside table Gumtree $170
Samsung smart TV 55 inch Gumtree $1400
Buffet cabinet in glossy walnut Friend $150

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  1. That’s what I want to do…..and how awesomely cute is that van and of course yourself…
    Great travels !!!!!!!!

  2. Dear
    Let me know if you kind enough to advise me how may I joined you in this journey?



  3. Good on you ! It takes a very strong person to Face the Fear of letting go of the possessions we think are so precious!
    And moving out of the comfort zone we call life And actually start living !!!
    How would I know !!
    My Wife and I are doing the same as Kara
    And it is not easy . But once you get the taste of Freedom , it becomes easier
    Cheers The Darb
    Ps hope to see you on our travels Kara

  4. what a great mind ,yes you inspire me to do the same. Nothing is impossible , wanna do my own business like this.

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