How to setup a home gym for just $500


With the chill of winter and shorter daylight hours in many parts of Australia, it’s easy to give up those outdoor activities that keep us fit and healthy during the warmer months. You might even be tempted to join an expensive gym to keep your fitness routine going, but we all know that after the initial burst of commitment, that gym membership is just an ongoing drain on the finances. So why not invest in a home gym instead? With Gumtree, you can set up a home gym for around $500.

Staying healthy doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as you’re not training for the Olympics, you can get all the exercise you need with some basic gym equipment at home. In fact, Gumtree has everything from treadmills, exercise bikes and smith machines to anything you need for yoga and pilates. For those who are gym shy, there are courses available online to familiarise yourself with fitness & training & health & nutrition.

Cross trainer and bike – $150
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cross trainer and bike
Get 2 workouts in 1 with this cross trainer that converts to an exercise bike.

Folding exercise mat – $40
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exercise mat
This lightweight, padded mat can go with you to the beach, the park, or set it up anywhere in the house for any mat exercise from gymnastics to pilates.

Kettlebell set – $84
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Torch calories with a kettlebell workout from the comfort of your own home.

Treadmill – $319
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Jump on the treadmill for a walk or run no matter what the weather.

Body Pump barbell set – $120
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Body Pump barbell set
Have your own Body Pump class at home with this adjustable weight set.

Powerful resistance bands – $65
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resistance bands
These powerful bands can provide up to 55kg of resistance for a great all over workout and stretch.

Powerline P2 home gym – $320
Image credit: Gumtree User
Powerline home gym
The ultimate home gym at a price that won’t break the bank.

Foam Roller – $30
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foam rollers
These sturdy foam rollers are great as an exercise prop or as a massager for those sore muscles.

Bodyworx cross trainer – $360
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Bodyworx Cross Trainer
Work out your upper and lower body without any jarring with this sturdy elliptical cross-trainer.

Bosu ball set – $60
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bosu ball set
Great for training the core and improving balance, this Bosu ball set is a great addition to any home gym.

Yoga mat set – $30
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yoga mat set
We all know the benefits of yoga for a calm mind, flexibility and improved posture.

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