Small Plant Pots for Cosy Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Small Plant Pots For Cosy Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

Plants are an important part of home decor. But if space is limited, it can be a really tricky task to find the right greenery for your home. Read on to see how small plant pots can enrich your home and create the look you’re after.

Small plant pots—from good value to useful treasures

Small plant pots need to be efficient for your space—small glass bowls or tea light holders can make great DIY decorative pots, for example. Most plants need drainage, but if you can’t add drainage holes then succulents can be quite happy in tea-light bowls perched on a sunny windowsill. You could repurpose any glass jar or container as a terrarium for small moisture-loving plants like a pilea or fern.

Copper plant pots and other decorative varieties might not have drainage holes. If so, they can be used as facades to cover a basic plastic potted plant within. If your pots do have holes, use trays underneath. A few small pots could be organised on one window-sill-width tray, for instance—even repurpose items from around the house like a serving platter you never use. You can find lots of small pots on Gumtree in materials like ceramic, glass and brass, each offering a different texture and look to complement your space.

Shelves for plants—stack from the ground up

Chunky or square pots make better use of small spaces because you will fit more soil in a similar footprint to pots with curves. With limited space, every surface is useful and necessary. Consider plant stands and plant holders to raise some pots off the ground, or use small potted plants as creative bookends.

Living walls have been trending lately. You can get inexpensive vertical pocket systems or modular plant racks like a shelving unit. These racks will have a system of hanging multiple wall plant pots that can be easily swapped. Some high-end systems even come with irrigation!

Hanging plants—from the walls and ceiling

Whether you want to bring the outdoors in or hang plants outside, make sure you research what plants will suit your space. For example, shaded areas will suit hanging ferns and other plants that are susceptible to drying out and getting burnt leaves, while pots of hanging flowers or succulents will need lots of natural light.

Macrame plant hangers are an easy way to add texture to your decor with natural fibres—use cotton twine, linen, hemp, jute, leather or yarn for a DIY project. Basket plant pots and wooden plant pots can be an attractive feature—you can place plants in plastic pots inside them and easily change up your greenery as you desire. Ropes, baskets and wood don’t like to be wet too regularly, so remember to use deep drip trays. Treated or aged timber, like an old wine barrel, can be a great moisture-resilient option.

If you’re ready to start fitting out your small space with plants, head to Gumtree to find a huge variety of good-value, small pot plants in your local area.

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