Which Smartphone Personality are you?

Woman With A Smartphone

woman with a smartphone
Aussies love smartphones – we’re considered among the most progressive smartphone adopters in the world. But just because most of us own one, doesn’t mean we all use it in the same way. We did some research and found four different smartphone personalities.

Take a look below, and tell us, which one are you?

basicBasic Users
You’re organised and efficient, and love making the most out of every day. You use your mobile for its basic functions, accessing the news, checking the weather, playing music and reading the occasional email. Your mobile enhances life, helping you make the most of every minute!
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According to our research: Basic users are most commonly aged between 35 and 64 years, and are more likely female (59%) than male (41%)


trendchaserTrend Chasers
You love being connected – whether it’s via text, phone call or Facebook your mobile keeps you in touch with your friends and family. You’re conscientious and open to new experiences, you love discovering the latest app trends, but only once they’ve become mainstream.
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According to our research: Trend Chasers come from all ages, ranging from 18-54 years


You’re tech-tastic! Tech-heads are always on the lookout for the next big thing, most likely to pre-order technology before it’s even available. If you love adventure, were ‘grammin’ before it was cool and can’t leave the house without your phone, tablet and smartwatch in hand, you’re a tech-head.
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According to our research: Tech-heads are most likely female (54%) aged between 18 and 34.


SkepticsSmartphone Sceptics
You like the simple things in life and believe a phone should be no different. You use your mobile for two things, texting and phone calls. If the only game you’re playing on your mobile is snake you’re a smartphone sceptic.
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According to our research: More than half of baby boomers, and one in four Aussies, could be considered sceptics, owning a mobile device for emergencies only. 


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