How I started my business on Gumtree & got my first bootcamp clients & equipment!

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I took the plunge in 2011 to follow my passion of starting my Fit Fantastic business specialising in Health and Fitness Coaching. My studies were underway and I was ready to take clients but the tools of my trade, fitness equipment, was expensive and I wasn’t sure yet what I would need so I decided to start with used goods. I searched online and discovered Gumtree.

My first purchases were a medicine ball for $15 (almost 50% cheaper than the stores) and a couple of sets of boxing gloves and focus pads – one lot for a steal at $10! Overall these early purchases saved me approximately $100!

Product Gumtree Price Savings
Medicine ball $15 50%
Boxing gloves & focus pads $10 80%
Weights $100 50%
2 x Sets of Kettle Bells $30 25%
4 x Sets of Dumbbells $25 35%

The process was simple and quick so I got into a weekly routine of using searching Gumtree and purchased equipment such as yoga mats, a set of weights, kettle bells, dumbbells and some items for my kids’ fitness camps too!

Once I was comfortable with Gumtree and discovered it to be a local source of equipment, I branched out and started to post more free ads, as well as promote my local outdoor boot camps and personal training services. The response was promising!

I have saved 50% off equipment & gained 10 clients through Gumtree

On average I have saved approximately 50% of each second-hand fitness item sometimes ranging from a savings of $5-10 off a yoga mat, boxing gear or a set of weights to $20 off a decent kettlebell and I saved about $30 off a battle rope.

I also saved a significant amount posting free ads on Gumtree and have gained approximately 10 clients through this method.

Now as a successful business owner and a well-known Health & Fitness Expert in Sydney and on the northern beaches I regularly use Gumtree advertising features to promote any special events or charity work I am doing as well as my fitness services and outdoor boot camps. I also use it to raise awareness of my company Fit Fantastic to new users and to highlight my other services including lifestyle and health coaching, and that I work with kids in fitness too. Many local businesses and Sydney residents are on Gumtree so even if your ad doesn’t translate into an immediate ‘sale’ or client it can help build your profile and get your name out there.

The cost savings have also allowed me to trial equipment and items I wouldn’t normally purchase new such as the big parachute and tug o war rope for my kids training sessions.

Tips for making money on Gumtree

Here are my tips to make the most out of Gumtree:

  • Be honest, trustworthy and efficient with your replies so that you get repeat customers.
  • Regularly search on Gumtree so that you get the best deals. Don’t just purchase everything at once.
  • It is also worthwhile selling your own second-hand goods on Gumtree.
  • Save your searches, to get regular weekly updates of new items listed

Ali Cavill,  Health & Fitness Expert & Owner, Fit Fantastic

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