Tall Lamp, Small Lamp: A Guide to Statement Lamps for Every Room in Your Home

Tall Lamp, Small Lamp: A Guide To Statement Lamps For Every Room In Your Home

An ambient floor lamp can completely transform your space. There are many gorgeous styles of lamps and it can be hard to choose between the right tall lamp, standing lamp or touch lamp. When you plan your lighting well the end result will be a lamp that you love and will use for many years. Read on to discover the tall and short of statement lamps.

Choosing the right lamp for your room

When selecting your lamp, it helps to consider the whole room’s design. The right lighting can affect mood, draw people together and boost productivity. Think about you and your family’s regular activities—if you often read on the sofa or play games as a family in the lounge room, then a tall floor lamp may best suit your needs. Floor lamps are also structured to be practical and are built to last.

Your lamp can be neutrally toned to match any decor, or striking in black or silver shades. On the other hand, a brightly coloured lamp will add contrast and interest. Find a lamp that is uniquely you to add a stylish touch to your home.

Living Room

Light up your living area with gorgeous standing lamps or tall lamps.

  • Black floor lamps can add a dramatic effect whatever the decor, and are striking in modern, traditional and neutrally styled rooms.
  • Most tripod floor lamps have a fabric lampshade or spotlight. They have a similar look and feel to camera tripods and come in various styles and combinations of shades and frames. They often have legs that can be adjusted to a size that suits you, making them a perfect statement lamp.
  • A combination of a tall lamp and short lamp can add extra lighting as needed, and adds interest to the room.

The Study

Go easy on your eyes when working in the study with a desk lamp or tall floor lamp that complements your decor. Beautiful ceramic lamps and jacques lamps will add style as well as practicality to your working space. Choose something that matches your desk, reflects your personality, and that is bright enough to give you adequate lighting! If you have a traditionally styled office, why not try a gorgeous antique lamp for a unique look?

Lamps for the Bedrooms

If you love to read in bed, or have little ones who like a night light, a touch lamp by the bedside works a treat. There are a range of modern designs in blacks, whites and brass and the cutest children’s touch lamps shaped like unicorns, moons, rabbits, dogs, hippos and more. There are even friendship lamps (or long-distance lamps); these gorgeous lamps light up a loved one’s room when you are not there, letting them know you are thinking of them. How cool is that?

Tall lamps look great in most rooms and when co-ordinated with your decor and room style can really make a statement. There are also many stylish and unique small lamps to suit all rooms. Why not get some inspiration by browsing some gorgeous lampshade designs—Gumtree has a huge selection to choose from.

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