The best of portable air conditioners

The Best Of Portable Air Conditioners

A portable air conditioner is great if you’re after just that—portability. It’s a blessing for renters that rely on a temporary setup, or people looking for an aircon unit that can be shifted from room to room. We’ve collected some of the best units from the leading brands to help you choose.

For quiet cooling: DeLonghi PAC CN86 Silent Pinguino Air-to-Air

DeLonghi offers a selection of user-friendly portable air conditioners in its popular Pinguino range. For the light sleeper or a distraction-free office, the Pinguino PAC CN86 makes a minimal 47 dBA of noise on “Silent mode”. This is blissfully quiet for a portable air conditioner, as they’re often noisy and can measure more than 67 dB on full speed—that’s louder than your average conversation. Like other brands, some DeLonghi units also feature a built-in dehumidifier, a plus if you’re in a damp or humid area.

On a budget: Vostok 2.9kW Portable Air Conditioner

If your hunting for a portable air conditioner on a budget, check out Vostok’s units. Attracting great customer ratings, the cheap price tag is a bonus if you don’t have the available funds for a permanent split system and you need relief from the sun faster than your savings will permit! It also has a built-in 24-hour timer and handy remote control.

For rooms at home: Rinnai RPC41WA Portable Air Conditioner

This Rinnai portable air conditioner is a capable performer for larger bedrooms, home offices and smaller lounge rooms. Boasting a 4.1 kW cooling capacity, it’s equipped to keep you cool as the summer days edge into that 30 + degrees Celsius territory. Rinnai air cons also have extra features, including variable temperature control, an easy-to-clean filter, an in-built timer and sleep mode.

For larger living areas: Polocool PC Series 6 kW Portable Air Conditioner

Need a unit that can handle a larger space? The Polocool PC Series in the 6kW model is a top pick. Polocool claims that the PC58 model has the “highest cooling capacity on the market”. It’s designed to cool rooms of up to 42 square metres and has a 3-speed fan so you can program it to suit your room and preferences.

For smart device capabilities: Kogan SmarterHome unit

The Kogan SmarterHome portable air conditioner uses modern technologies to simplify your home cooling. You can connect it to your home wi-fi and use the free Kogan SmarterHome app on your mobile phone to control your cooling and heating (it’s a reverse-cycle unit). Like many Kogan products, it comes at an affordable price tag, too.

Whether your priority is noise, affordability or capacity, there’s a number of factors to consider. Explore the range of portable air conditioners to find the best buy for your home on Gumtree. To double the bang for your buck, compare the cooling-only air cons to the cooling and heating-equipped reverse-cycle units available.

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