The Top 10 Best Fitness Watches for Any Lifestyle

The Top 10 Best Fitness Watches For Any Lifestyle

Are you a seasoned sporting pro, or have you just recently made it off the couch? Regardless of your activity level, the right fitness watch (also known as a fitness tracker) can help you set a new personal best. With the benefits of a smartwatch, plus added features that can help you move more, sleep better and improve your overall health, the perfect fitness watch for every lifestyle is out there. Here’s what you need to know to pick the right one for you.

All-in-one fitness watches

All-in-one fitness watches are packed with health tracking features and integration with your phone’s apps and communication functions. General-purpose options like the Apple Watch 3 deliver everything you need for the day in one neat package ⁠– there’s a heart rate monitor, activity and sleep trackers, and alerts to keep you moving. The latest Apple Watch even features an electrocardiogram (also called an ECG or EKG).

If you’re looking for a slimline all-in-one fitness watch, the Garmin Vivosport is compatible with Android or iOS and comes with super-long battery life.

Sport-specific fitness watches

If you’re aiming for a personal best in a specific sport, there are fitness watches designed to get you there. Heading off-road? The Garmin Instinct has fantastic GPS features for trail runners and a solar-powered face in some models, as well as a chunky and durable design in a range of fashionable colours.

If you’re cycling or jogging around town, try the FitBit Charge with smart Spotify controls in specific models, alerts and notifications built-in, and tracking features perfect for casual athletes and professionals alike. It’s also water-resistant, safe to wear in the shower and comes with bonus features such as guided mindfulness in the 4th generation edition.

Watches for the water

Training for a triathlon? The Huawei Band 3 helps triathletes and multi-sporters keep track in all environments with water resistance to 50m. If you’re looking for ultimate water-visibility, premium options such as the Fitbit Ionic make viewing times and distances easier with a full-size watch face.

Looking to improve your lap times? Designed exclusively for aquatic sports, the Garmin Swim is renowned for high accuracy at speed and tracks key metrics such as heart rate and even GPS coordinates.

Lightweight, stylish fitness trackers

Looking for more glamour in a fitness watch? If you’d prefer an all-day option that you can wear with any outfit (or even another watch), there are slimline models designed for both function and fashion. The Fitbit Inspire is prized for its sleek, slimline design and an array of built-in features such as reminders and automated exercise recognition. Likewise the Garmin Vivosmart with its tiny screen and big battery life. Looking for real style? Try any of the stylish options from Withings with sleek, Scandanavian-inspired faces and unobtrusive fitness tracking.

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