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We all love to splurge at Christmas time, buying gifts for our loved ones and splashing out on festivities. But there’s always that post-Christmas moment when you realise just how much of a dent you have made in your savings. As January rolls past we become frugal penny pinchers, scrambling to make up for our merry spending spree.

Well, what if we told you you did not have to get through the year on a shoestring? What if, instead, you could find thousands of dollars hidden around your home? It’s easier than you think! The average Australian hoards so much stuff that they could make around $6000 just by selling their unwanted goods.

Turn your stuff into cash

Gumtree conducted a survey to find out just how many Australians are hoarding unwanted goods. We found a whopping 88% of Aussies hanging on to gear they no longer need; that’s a whole mountain of unwanted stuff collecting dust! Not to mention a whole lot of money that could be made. In fact, the total value of all that unwanted stuff comes to a massive $82 billion. This works out to around $6000 for every person in Australia – that should pay off those credit cards and then some!

This month we gave away unwanted gifts to 4 bloggers. Each blogger was tasked to post their unwanted gift on Gumtree either a Nutribullet or Canon Camera and have their audience Guess the price to win the unwanted gift.


Belinda at Mum Central posted her unwanted gift on Gumtree of a Nutribullet for her special price of $222, where the winner of the Nutribullet guessed $223.

all mum said

Kell at All Mum Said posted her unwanted gift on Gumtree of a Canon Tough Camera for her special price of $265 and the winner of the Canon Tough Camera guessed spot on at $265.


Loreena at Little Aussie Travellers posted her unwanted gift of a Canon Camera for her special price of $143.62 and the winner of the Canon Camera guessed $148.50.

Live it_Do it_Logo_July 2013 (3)

Cassandra at Live It Do It posted her unwanted gift on Gumtree of a Nutribullet for her special price of $216.50, the winner of the Nutribullet guessed so close, at a price of $217.

Prices for all unwanted gifts were selected by the blogger/seller. Not only can you turn your unwanted gifts and stuff into cash, there are hundreds of unwanted gifts here on Gumtree waiting to be snatched by you.

Where to find your hidden loot

Where can you find all this lucrative stuff secretly stashed away in your home? Once you start rummaging around you might be surprised by how much you’ have managed to hoard over the years. We have found that people generally have at least five different storage places, some of the most common being the cupboards, the garage, the spare room and even under the bed. So go take a look and see what you have got squirrelled away – chances are you’ll no longer need most the things you have been storing. (Handy tip: If you haven’t used it in over a year, you can probably live without it!)

What treasures you can sell

So you’re ready to start decluttering to make some extra cash? Great! The next step is finding what items you’ve got tucked away. The research shows Men tend to hold on to games, toys, electronic goods and sporting equipment, while women will often hold on to baby items, books, clothes and accessories. All of these items – and a whole lot more! – could be sold instead of stored. So unless you’re holding on to something for sentimental reasons, it’s time to clear out your cupboards and turn your stuff into cash.

Tips for making top dollar on Gumtree

Once you’ve got your items ready to sell it’s time to list them on Gumtree. With thousands of ads going up every day, here are a few tips to make sure yours gets noticed:

  • Photos A picture tells a thousand words! Ads with pictures are more successful so make sure you include at least one photo – the more the merrier
  • Catchy title
  • Description – Take the time to write a good description. Is your item hardly used? Does it have an interesting backstory? Are you the only owner? The more information you provide the easier it will be for buyers to make a decision
  • Meet
  • Bulk buy bargains – Selling multiple items? Make speedy sales by offering discounts for buyers who purchase more than one thing
  • Promote your post – You also have the option to pay to promote your ad to reach maximum buyers and sell your gear faster

If you don’t think you’ve got the goods people are looking for, think again. Last year, 64% of people selling their second hand gear ended up getting more money than they expected. So with 68% of Aussies planning to shop for more bargains in 2015, now’s a good a time as any to sell the items you no longer need. So what are you waiting for? Start clearing out those cupboards today and turn your unwanted stuff into cash!

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