Twelve rainy day things to do at home with Gumtree


With winter well and truly settled in around most of Australia, you might be looking for creative ways to spend your time indoors. Rainy days are particularly challenging when it comes to keeping the family or guests occupied and entertained. Following are 12 rainy day things to do at home that you can find on Gumtree.

Whether you like reading, watching movies, or more active ways of passing the time, Gumtree has everything from books, music, videos and board games at very affordable prices.

1. Wii package $90
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
A very versatile entertainer, you can add anything from dance, exercise, or sport to your Wii collection.

2. Dart board $50
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
2dart board
This classic game appeals to young or old, and will get everyone involved in play.

3. Trivial Pursuit $40
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
3LOR trivial pursuit
Board games like this one are perfect for gatherings with friends and family. You can even get the kids involved.

4. PlayStation 4 package $400
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
A favourite for gamers, a PlayStation can provide hours of entertainment.

5. Wooden chess set $60
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
Hone your mind with this intellectual game that can be played over many hours or days.

6. DVD collection $500
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
A bowl of popcorn, some hot chocolate and a great big DVD collection for binge watching. What could make a rainy day better?

7. Pool table $1,800
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
6pool table
Gather your friends around this game of kings and commoners, which has been around for centuries. Friendly competition can make any gathering more interesting.

8. Books $40
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
Reading a good book or two is one those guilty pleasures that can be hard to find time for. Close the door on the weather and let the pages take you on an adventure.

9. Games table $50
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
11game table
Perfect for big kids or little kids, this is a great addition to any games room or family room.

10. Ravensburger puzzle $15
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
Putting together a jigsaw puzzle can be a quiet but fulfilling activity that the entire household can participate in.

11. Art set $59
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
9art set
Go back to your childhood and learn a new skill such as drawing or painting.

12. Pamper pack $35
Image credit: Gumtree Owner
Use the opportunity to pamper yourself. Fill the bath, light some candles, settle into a scented tub and wash your cares away.

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